This Tiffany Dover stuff is fake af.
Youtube has deleted videos on her page and MUTED the old video from 5 years ago of her stating she is 25 and from HIGDON, ALABAMA. The recent death record shows:  Tiffany Dover 30 from HIGDON, Alabama.
She married into the Dover family (Husband-Dustin Dover; In-Laws—Austin Dover [wife Rebekah], Nick Dover [wife Olivia], and Ashley Rena Shirley [husband Brandon Shirley] James Dover & Debbie Dover [Father & mother-in-Law] All from Higdon, Alabama.
Tiffany's instagram is Tiffany_Dover_. Her  Facebook page has been deleted but the rest of the family is still on there. On facebook, Austin + Rebekah and Ashley + Brandon have ALL reposted the CHI Memorial (her job in Tennessee) video from 12/21 supposedly proving that Tiffany..
is alive and well. Clearly it was PLANNED because as of 9amEST the video was posted 19hrs ago and all of them reposted the video 19hrs ago as well.
James Dover, the father-in-law claimes via comments on a Facebook post that Tiffany's job, the hospital, "said for her not to respond that their lawyers will take care of this nonsense."
Austin Dover, right before reposting CHI Memorial's video, posted pictures of the family on a Christmas family vacation, captioned " #2020familyvacation".
But none of the family has posted these pics. The pictures are questionable too but idk.
In the picture, the woman who is supposed to be Tiffany, doesn't even look like her from recent Instagram photos videos. Looks more like pictures from 2017 maybe, where her son also has the same Christmas pajamas on from this 2020 post as in 12/23 2017.
Idk about the picture of Ashely holding the iphone, it looks to be an iphone 11 or 12 which came out recently but can also just be photoshopped.
Plus if her job said she was at home resting, how is she on a family vacation? She hasn't posted on her Instagram since 12/13, where she usually posts at least every other day. What happened?
Back to the CHI Memorial video. The video not only appears to be edited, but no one is talking, just staring and posing. The girl appearing to be tiffany also looks very different—taller, thicker, different eyebrows
And from the vaccine video And all her pictures on Instagram, she never wears her hair in that style with a middle part, it is always to the side. The bridge of her nose and forehead shape also looks different. Pics & vids do show that she is wearing the same necklace & watch.
They have unmuted her video 😭😂

How is Reposting the video of her explaining her condition Right after the incident that same day & awkwardly just titling it "I'm alright|Tiffany Dover" 4 days ago on her YT page—clearly controlled by SOMEONE ELSE—supposed to convince us that she is okay?
Soooo what happened to the YouTube channel that was posting her videos???? @YouTube explain. #tiffanydover
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