Shri Chandika Durgaparmeshwari temple, Kumbashi . #thread about temple.
The persons behind the construction of this temple are Smt. Anitha and Sri Devaraya M.Seregar and their family, who are the staunch devotees of the Goddess. They belong to Ramakshathriya community. Sri Devaraya Seregar is the son of late Smt. Gowramma and Sri Manjunath Seregar.
He went to Mumbai for earning his livelihood,started working there on a small scale,established an industry and flourished in life.Of late,Sri Devaray purchased a land at Kumbhashi, constructed a house there and started living there. In due course,he bought a land attached to it.
Quite surprisingly, Goddess Sreedevi began to appear in his dream telling him that it is Her place and so he should build a temple for her. Accordingly, he consulted the famous astrologer of Payyannur in Kerala under his guidance an Ashtamangala Prashna was put .
Through the Ashtamangala Prashna, it was found that the ancestors of the family had been working as soldiers under the kings of the region.On auspicious occasions and during war time they used to pray to Sreedevi Kalikamatha,keeping down their weapons in front of the Goddess.
It was further said that the spirit of the Goddess whom their ancestors had worshipped has been protecting Sri Devaraya Seregar and his family throughout and therefore it is his duty to reserve a place for the Goddess.
In the meantime ,there was a very intimate relationship between the land that he purchased and Hoovinakere vadiraja Mutt.The Brahmin family which lived there earlier, used to worship the spirit of Sreedevi given to them by Sri vadiraja.
The spirits of Sri Mahakali , Mahalaxmi and Mahasaraswathi dwelt in his house in unison. After the departure of the Brahmin family, the spirit of the Goddess whom he worshipped also settled there. Thus it was ordained that a place should be given for all the three powers :
First-Sri Kalika Parameshwari,Devaraya's family Goddess,Second-Sri Chamundeshwari who came along with him,Third-Sri Durga whom the Brahmin family worshipped.They installed d Panchaloha idol of Sri Chandika Durga parameshwari,seated on the lion's back realizing d dream of Devaraya
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