Of all the awful things GOPers claim, top of the list (just below trickle down) is their mantra folks getting assistance get free money. It's NOT FREE. It's OURS. We worked for it. Doesn't belong to Congress. We invest it. We could give it to Exxon or a family to feed their kids.
It's our choice, our money. Congress is supposed to do our bidding, but becuz of the fucked up way our Senate & elections are set up, whores like Rand & Mitch do the bidding of vast corporations. So they get the money rather than PEOPLE WHO NEED IT. I get that. But it ain't free.
Every time Rand makes that claim, someone needs to slap him. And when he calls the cops, remind him that he doesn't believe govt (like cops) should interfere with our freedoms. Make him understand that assistance isn't free. Every poor person I know (and I was one) pays for it.
Every working person pays for unemployment, welfare, food assistance. they pay taxes. Even undocumented citizens pay taxes (it's true). We pay taxes every time we buy something. Every check we get. Everything we own, we pay taxes on. Assistance is our money. It's ours.
You know who DOESN'T pay their fair share of taxes? I'll give you three guess & two don't count. The very wealthy. Massive corporations. And yet, they get more govt assistance than anyone else? That's why Rand keeps claiming falsely it's free money. Because he knows we know that.
So instead he's trucking out the old racist "welfare bums" dogwhistle racist bullshit to scare the rubes, who want assistance but don't want it if some black people are in the same line. It's bullshit. It's old, it's tired.

You know who really abuses our money?

We could pay every family 2 grand a month, backdated, until the pandemic passes & give them health care. We can afford that. But the GOP is afraid we'll like that too much, and someone so rich they can't count may pay a mil more in taxes. And that's who yanks Rand's tiny chain.
The single largest problem we have as a nation is our elected officials don't work for us. They work for the highest bidder. And that bidder isn't the person who makes minimum wage. Drives them everywhere. Does their laundry. Or even does their physicals. It's not.
Lastly, we must bring back CIVICS in public schools, we must invest in that so people understand that the govt works for YOU, not the other way around. Too many bros, on the right and left, just wanna toss bad fruit from the back and not get involved. Put some skin in the game.
In a democracy, even a democratic republic like the USA, the govt is us and we are the govt. As per the wise @Stonekettle has said many a time, you want better govt, be a better citizen. Vote in every election. Participate.

If you just wanna watch it burn, get the f outta here.
And on the topic of "free money" that's all I have to say about that. It's not free and never was. It's our capital and we need a better voice in how it's spent. If that means ripping off Rand's toupee, I'm all for that.

UPDATED TO ADD: I'm a registered D, but that doesn't mean I'm happy with how Ds have comported themselves. They show no urgency, no fight. Our entire online security infastructure has been hacked by a foreign power.

and they're giving speeches.
I'm really unhappy with my @SenSchumer, among others. For all the grave risk Trump represents, what has he done? hundreds of thousands have died, what is he doing?

Fight harder, ffs. You ask us to risk our lives, put some skin of your own into the game. Zero idea of your effort
Congress should have impeached Trump from the beginning, and they should have impeached him again after the first impeachment, and they should have invoked the 25th, any number of things. Why haven't they at least tried?

Put as much effort into Trump as they did Benghazi, hmm?
Congress is putting too much import on "getting along" & not enough on "doing the right thing". Too much on "finding the center" & not enough on "what's true?" Fight for the people you ask to fight for you, ffs. Honestly you could hold thousands of hearings on his banking alone!
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