As you can see $FUTU is now my largest position.

If you want to know why I'm so bullish on this company just take a look at their Q3 results...
Just updated my current portfolio as of 10am EST including all positions, allocations and YTD performance:*Pk8czhmJ_wITwNPIZ3eM1A#gid=0
I have a spreadsheet with all current holdings plus enterprise value, market cap, 2020 revs (est), 2021 rev (est), EV/revs, MC/revs.

Across all my stocks the average expected YoY rev growth from 2020 to 2021 is 65%.

There's plenty of growth out there, you just need to find it.
Updated portfolio:

- monster day for $FUTU $NIU


- bad day for $NGA $OAC

- too many small tweaks today to mention

Day: +5.28%
YTD: +46.97%
If you want to follow along with my daily portfolio activity you can join my @StockTwits room at (must signup on desktop)
I'm getting in the habit of posting my trading summary every 90 minutes on StockTwits.

I spoke to a company today that developed a service that connects to my investment account and sends out real time alerts every time I buy or sell. I have a follow up call with them next week.
My top 15 positions as of 10:40am EST today:

1) $DMTK
2) $PRCH
3) $MWK
4) $UPST
5) $FUTU
6) $NIO
7) $NGA
8) $OZON
9) $SSPK
10) $STIC
11) $OZON
12) $TDOC
13) $SQ
14) $SE
15) $CRWD
Portfolio update:

- monster day for $CCIV
- great day for $CLPT
- very good day for $CLSK
- good day for $NIO $MWK $TDOC $ZYXI
- bad day for $TIGR $PRCH
- started no positions
- sold no positions
- added to 1/2 of my stocks today

Day: +2.9%
YTD: +59.9%
Today was not fun. I was up 4% pre market then up 6% at 10am then down 4% at 11am and basically finished flat -- total insanity but glad I didn't panic.

Just wish I had bought that dip more aggressively but it was hard to know how far we might drop and what had caused it.
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