One of my favourite graphs from Joel Smalley. It exposes most of the deceits in media daily. Note this is public data with nowt taken out.
The most peculiar claim, which would be funny if it wasn’t so deadly serious, is that they expect you to believe that the number of deaths...
...from non-covid19 causes is actually DOWN. This despite restricting access to the NHS for nine months during which time, for months, they were crashes in numbers of people showing up at A&E with heart attacks & in numbers getting urgent referrals for suspected cancer. Those..
...and other changes in medical care, I respectfully suggest, are leading to increased non-covid19 deaths. A reasonable hypothesis to explore is that quite a few of the claimed covid19 deaths on the far right hand side are misattribution. How many isn’t possible to tell from...
...this graph. But as a starter for ten, I’d suggest all of those claimed reduced non-covid19 deaths & an allowance in top for the kind of increase you’d anticipate, if you restricted access to the NHS for nine months & kept people frightened.
That leaves some real covid19...
...deaths. They’ll be far fewer than as advertised nightly on the BBC. I checked the numbers if people dying daily from ‘flu during a not untypical winter epidemic. At least 200, so 1400 per week. I think that’s pretty close to where we seem to be with covid19. The profile of..
...such deaths looks like it may have plateaued & certainly isn’t climbing steeply like you get during a real epidemic of deaths from respiratory diseases (eg as in spring).
I don’t think it’s possible to stand up with a straight face that we’re even in an epidemic, let alone...
...a pandemic.
Tell those around you that you’ve had enough now. Stand up, take if your ineffective masks & ignore the rotten falsehoods being thrown at you constantly. These are the governments own figures, nearly installed into a format easy to appreciate.
It’s time to say it’s not OK. It’s not OK to be leaving people to suffer & die at home. It’s not OK to see families, communities & our nation destroyed.
Please stand up & share this with everyone you know & ask them to do the same.
There’s just time, maybe, if we all stand up.
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