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I have great respect for Sandy Munro of @MunroAssociates but I can't seem to wrap my head around his neverending fascination with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, particularly from a manufacturing standpoint

Full video by @seanmmitchell:

Small cylindrical object is the most economic & manufacturable form factor — High-speed continuous motion assembly lines enable very high production rates at a very low unit cost

A single production line will output billions of these cells every year!

Not only are you producing a single SKU for energy storage & dispensing, but this SKU also serves as a high-performance structural element of the larger assembly

This further decreases manufacturing & assembly costs whilst improving performance characteristics!

Compare this to fuel cell vehicles which require you to manufacture hundreds of complex & costly SKUs and to painstakingly assemble them into non-structural elements of the larger assembly

This is only *one* of the *many* reasons why @elonmusk rightly stated that fuel cells were “mind-bogglingly stupid” when journalists persistently kept asking him to comment on them
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