Meanwhile in The 🇬🇧...The More Ya Know 👀
I'll leave these and those👇 here... The More ya know
Side note> Purple tie, huh?😏
Most People think Purple means Color Revolution?
Crown? Royalty?👑
Interesting huh?
Nikki is marries to a Roth
Paris Salomon De Rothschild
Lady Roth
U want some Roth 🍷?
I am sure ALL are coincidences😏
The Hits keep coming...
Anybody see a pattern, or is just me ?? KEK
🔺and 🟣 Interesting huh?🧐
[They] sure like their purple, don't they??😉
Why am I reminded of Black Forest? Yet once again🟣
I'll leave these here too..
So This post from @DanScavino on the Dec 20th
WH Purple Christmas Tree ✔️
Dec 22nd Israeli Gov collapses ✔️
@FLOTUS Rothschild Giraffe Comms Nov21st ✔️
Roth color of Purple & Kenya connections✔️✔️
🦉formed and ran Israel? Roths?
👀Nothing to See Here👇👇
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