An estimated 2 million children go missing every year. Around 800,000 are from the U.S.
Trafficking is a lucrative business.

@realDonaldTrump doubled DOJ's budget to combat #HumanTrafficking and 100's of missing children have been found.

The FBI & Media cover for the perverts on the Left who claim to LOVE Children. What happened to Jen Moore?

Have you seen the videos #LaptopFromHell
How is it that @RepAdamSchiff @tedlieu and Democrat donor, Ed Buck, imprisoned for murdering black male prostitutes have such a cozy relationship?
Ghislaine Maxwell was an honored guest
at Chelsea Clinton's wedding, paid for by #Haiti

She's still locked up, we should really find out what she knows.
Especially about Obama's time at #EpsteinIsland


While we're at it,
why did #BillGates set up a charitable trust fund for #Epstein or use #LolitaExpress to go to #EpsteinIsland when he has his own plane.

Question everything.

Last one.
When the media tells you elections were not rigged,
remember the list of lies above.

They covered for #kennedy. Time called him one of the BEST Senators. He KILLED a woman, walked away letting her die a slow death

They are #EnemyOfThePeople
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