SPOTTED! @Amazon HQ has been visited by The Ghost of #Christmas past! 👻🎄

London transport is plastered w/ ads that finally show the disgusting practices that have made @JeffBezos filthy rich. Read more about why everyone should boycott #AmazonCrime this Xmas👇
Also, 'Earth's most customer-centric' company has done very little to mitigate the damages their business model has done to the planet. Bezos' climate pledge is a drop in the ocean to what he could do with the amount of wealth he is hoarding! 👇
Want to help #MakeAmazonPay? Follow campaigns like
@Make_Amazon_Pay - or if you are an @amazon worker, organise through @GMBunionAmazon or other unions who've got your back against #AmazonCrime

Happy Christmas to all but @JeffBezos - stay salty you hoarding bitch.
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