Thread: No Black Hole - Proved by Indian Scientist- No means No
Indian Scientist A.K. Mitra who contested Stephen hawking since 1998 and proved that true black hole do not exist. His research is being avoided from last 22 Years , and Indians are just Sleeping. #BlackHoleMyth
1.Mitra 1st showed his proof regarding true black holes in 1998 , in his research paper he proved that the mass of black hole will be zero that means it do not exist.
2.He put forward a new alternative for such ultra massive object - Eternally Collapsing Object
3. He was the 1st scientist to solve Hawking's Black Hole Information Paradox, 13 years after his research hawking shown the same thing what mitra told.
4. His research papers were published in top science journals and no one disproved his basic Proofs till now.
5. His alternative explanation MECO has many observational evidence while many Obs. Evidence are against Black Hole.
6. Harward University officially accepted his research in their press release.
7. Neither Mathematical nor Obs. evidence support black hole
8. Even the famous black hole image is also misleading, it was the shadow of black hole mimicker , there is no any single evidence for singularity and event horizon , so no black hole.
9. Mitra also showed how Gravitational waves detected by LiGO has error(in a email to LIGO) and 6 months later LIGO accepted that error.
10. Penrose received Nobel 2020 for mathematical Validation of BH BUT mitra showed in his recent book that his research based on imagination
To sum up, basically Mitra proved that Black Holes completely violate relativity , as nothing can be faster than speed of light , BH Physics violate this law.
Even Finest physicist like Albert Einstein and Paul Dirac were not convinced with such idea.
Mitra recently published his book which is based on his 22 year of research and he showed the rise and fall of black hole paradigm. Many scientist convinced after reading the book that BH do not exist.
American Scientist Richard Muller accepted BH so not exist as they will take infinite time to form that means they should be the alternative of BH which is MECO. (in an email to mitra after reviewing his book) @RichardAMuller @skdh
‘I continue to be impressed by how much [Dr Mitra has] learned and how much work [he has] done. I admire [his] courageous stand in seeking the truth’ Fred Cooperstock, former Professor, University of Victoria

in past we had many great scientist who didn't received proper credit for their research , JC Bose who invented coherer for radio but no credit given to him & his research was stolen , Instead of weeping about past let us support those Indian scientist we have in present.
So here I request you to support A.K. Mitra whose research is supported by Mathematical , Observational Evidence , Even some scientist are accepting his research BUT no media is highlighting this.
Apart from social issue why don't we trend a hashtag about indian scientist ?
Can we make it trend ? I don't know how much support it gets but i am just doing my part, it is up to you how much you can support ? #TheRiseAndFallofBlackHoleParadigm , by trending it, this unique research will reach to whole world.
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Please tag maximum people you can and share it. Thank you.
you can also view this video in order to understand why BH is not possible , the reason behind it.
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