Just before COVID went into full force, Canadian Prime minister paid a visit to Lion Electric’s factory.

$NGA = sleeping giant https://twitter.com/JustinTrudeau/status/1235336003029733379
In March 2019, Lion introduced their Lion8 Class 8 truck at ATA‘s Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) $NGA

And that’s where Lion Electric CEO Marc Bedard met Amazon reps for the first time. $NGA

First Amazon rumor broke in Jan 2020 when Le Journal de Montreal broke Amazon secret visits to Lion Electric factory $NGA

Fast forward 9 months: Amazon announced a pilot program with Lion Electric for 10 trucks $NGA https://twitter.com/amazonnews/status/1305868856595034113
44.2% of Lion Electric is owned by the Power Corporation of Canada.

For those who don’t know, Power is one of the biggest conglomerates and moneymakers in Canada/North America $NGA
In Nov 2019, Lion Electric partnered with the Quebec Government and and seven other industry trucking leaders in launching a major project to integrate tech into all-electric heavy vehicles $NGA

Lion Electric $NGA shoutout at @DanaInc_ Q3 earnings call last month. Highlighting Amazon deal.

Earlier this month, Lion Electric $NGA signed a reseller agreement with ChargePoint $SBE.

Lion will offer ChargePoint's full line of chargers and cloud services, further expanding LionEnergy's offering of charging hardware and software solutions.

Last October, European technology giant ABB and Lion Electric $NGA announced a partnership to sell and service electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment throughout North America.

Last August, Canadian National (CN) announced a landmark deal with Lion Electric $NGA that will see the transportation giant purchase 50 Lion8T tandem tractor battery electric trucks from the zero-emission vehicle manufacturer.

This comes after Canadian National entered into a pilot program in April 2019 with Lion Electric $NGA.

Proof that customers are happy with pilot and proceed with big orders after trying out the product!

Cc: Amazon 😉 https://www.cn.ca/en/news/2019/04/cn-launches-new-pilot-project-using-electric-trucks/
Catalyst Alert 🚨

In the next couple weeks, Lion Electric $NGA is expected to announce their new US factory location.

This factory will enable Lion to be closer to US customers (bigger TAM) and have the “Made in USA” label.
All that without noting that Lion Electric $NGA is one of North America’s leading EV bus manufacturers along with Blue Bird and Thomas Bus.

Pete Buttigieg/Biden Transportation Plan includes transforming 500k school buses into electric!
President Elect Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan for creating a more resilient, sustainable economy proposes making all American-made buses zero-emission by 2030, starting with the school bus fleet, which would convert within five years $NGA

➡️ https://www.electrichybridvehicletechnology.com/opinion/how-the-us-plans-to-turn-all-its-iconic-school-buses-electric.html
Per Freight Waves, Lion Electric $NGA truck design and experience evokes that of Apple’s minimalistic and smooth feel.

Catalyst Alert 🚨

Lion Electric $NGA has a purchase agreement of up to 2,500 trucks from a mystery customer. The agreement which was executed last June also allows the customer a 19.99% ownership stake in Lion.

Maybe Amazon? Time will tell.
Article on Business Insider from yesterday (Dec 19)👇

The only EV SPAC in the market that has actually delivered operating EV vehicles.

https://www.businessinsider.com/spac-ev-fisker-nikola-canoo-arrival-lordstown-motors-2020-12 $NGA
And the above is the exact reason why Amazon went with Lion Electric $NGA

Trucks that are available now to order and not just prototypes or rendered designs.

A company with the size of Amazon has probably done tons of due diligence and settled on Lion (+ Rivian ofc).
Lion Electric $NGA has strong support from Canadian government. They want it to succeed as it benefits the economy + global perception of Canada.

Support from parliament members 👇 https://twitter.com/pablorodriguez/status/1306213600655179776
Support from Canadian Minister of Economy & Innovation 👇 https://twitter.com/minfitzgibbon/status/1305959823637442560
Support from Canadian Ministry of International Relations 👇 https://twitter.com/mrif_quebec/status/1305922078453964801
Support from Quebec Delegation in New York 👇 https://twitter.com/cloubier/status/1305911786844160001
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