The first big tech corporation that integrates with #Bitcoin will be Tech Titan @JeffBezos CEO of @amazon
Here is why
Time for a thread 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
1) After reading the book “The Everything Store” by @BradStone you can easily tell that @JeffBezos is a different kind of business man. A forward thinking, customer thinking, value creating, innovative kind of man
2) By integrating the #Bitcoin network into @amazon Jeff has everything to gain and nothing to lose.
He can do so in 5 ways:
1. Firstly by Selling #Bitcoin to customers
3) After seeing the success of @jack & @PayPal there is no way that someone as competitive as @JeffBezos wouldn’t try to compete
4) Secondly by custoding bitcoin for all Prime Members.
By doing that he will create the
“Prime Bank of #Bitcoin
for his customers that will be perfectly integrated with the @amazon website
5) Thirdly: Accepting #Bitcoin as a means of payment.
Customers of the
“Prime Bank of #Bitcoin
Will have their accounts integrated with @amazon & as customers savings go up they will have an incentive to spend more on the website.
6) Fourthly by Putting #Bitcoin into their treasury.
Jeff will understand the benefit of adding BTC to a company’s treasury faster than the other 4 tech giants @Apple @Google @Microsoft @Facebook
He probably already has.
7) There will also be the inflows of payments to the corporation from
“Prime Bank of #Bitcoin ” or “PBC”
Which can be sweeped into the company’s treasury directly which then continues increase in value over time tax deferred & unmolested
8) Fifthly as a Settlement solution.
@amazon does business in Over 17 countries & 17 currencies. If every entity is able to buy & sell bitcoin. He can have a corporate settlement rail road that is faster & more secure than any bank, country or currency
9) Watching & reading about how @JeffBezos conducts business.
There is no way he doesn’t jump on this opportunity which could easily add $200 Billion of value to the shareholders of the company.
All big tech will do sth similar.
We think he’ll be the first because frankly,
10) He’s the only CEO in big tech that has both the say and the balls to be the first mover.
@JeffBezos has the most forward thinking & successful track record next to Steve Jobs
What makes you think he won’t continue to be that guy.
Change our mind.
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