The reason I’m writing so many Nazi threads is because I’ve researched it in the past. I began to notice to many similarities between how Hitler coopted Christianity (Hitler hated Christianity) and the similarities to how the New Right Conservatives coopted Christianity in the
early 80’s for power using anti abortion messaging and where America is right now. White American Christian nationalism is at the place where German Christian nationalists were with Hitler’s rise to power. Many Americans don’t understand the difference between patriotism
and nationalism and how extreme nationalism is fascism. We already know that America has people that don’t mind atrocities, that take pleasure in causing misery. That are fuelled by pure hatred based upon what someone looks like and their skin color. America already has
the backbone in place for a fascist regime. The support of Trump is a support for fascism. If you still supported Donald Trump after the Muslim ban they you were already ready for a fascist regime. If you saw children in camps and you didn’t care what happened to them then you
moved to supporting a fascist regime.
There are fascists, waiting for a full of fascist dictator. And he or she is already out there. Ready to take over from Donald Trump. One that is quieter. Doesn’t seem as aggressive. But one thing is for sure is that they will be a
Christian nationalist with ties the the most powerful.
The New Right fundamentalists will likely already have their candidate. They’ll be watching to see what Trump was allowed to get away with. How much Republicans were able to get away with. I’ve stated in previous threads
that the time frame for this is no later than 2032 because that is the time they gave themselves to take over the country.
*too. Autowreck 😒😒😒😒
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