A frustration I have with academic economists sometimes is I really don't think the profession fully understands what "fighting for better jobs" entails. We've seen what Amazon does to workers who've fought for just that. We're seeing what they're doing in Bessemer right now. https://twitter.com/mioana/status/1339954100905988097
The entry of FedEx into trucking increased competition for workers. It also put downward pressure on wages and working conditions at UPS and other trucking firms. The Bloomberg journalists seem to understand that this dynamic matters.
As Amazon grows, it will put similar pressure on its union competitors. Because it is so, so hard to unionize in this country, it is extremely unlikely that the "welcome the job creator first, THEN fight to make them good jobs" is a realistic strategy.
You can't fight for better jobs by undermining the institution that make bad jobs into good jobs.
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