#Bitcoin 1) Self hosted wallets - old news. I've been following that since 2019. We knew about Bitmex, Okex, wallets back there. The question What's next?

Bitcoin maxis vs Ethereum maxis https://twitter.com/Workedia/status/1320459438822772737
2) What is the role of crypto in the future? Extension of banking sector? Self governance? Payment network under wire transfers regulations? Obviously "black hole" theory is out the question for now.
3) Highly speculative, institution and derivatives driven assets will be under heavier watch. SEC provisions regulate corporate tokens as utility (payments, services) or security. Defi falls under security. Yields, earnings are corporate terms on the books.
4) It's not just heavy restricted in U.S., but multi layered under different laws in 50 states. 50 types of corporations with 50 different capital gains taxes and other profits schedules. How do you comply with that?
5) If regulations go further, it will touch very obscure, from crypto perspective subject - Money Transfer license. Coinbase fought in High Courts, House Hearings to get that approved back in 2011-2014. 50 types of Money transfer licenses to send/receive cash/wires.
6) Basically the only thing left are blockchain transfers. Wallets identifications. Cross border restrictions. That's where I think Bitcoin will be left as storage of value and Ethereum will shine as decentralized money transmitter.
7) Yes, the entity who will accept/send money will be Smart Contract. Nameless, fearless piece of code, acting as corporation of behalf of pseudo anonymous wallets. How do you restrict that? SNX, SYN, DEX will rise. People revolt and vote by action, not words.
8) The reason why US decide not to go the "technical" ban route - it's useless. You cannot restrict blockchain, same way as P2P torrents.
Many traders (whales) already have either US or offshore corporations to speculate on any markets.
9) How do you regulate and enforce AML CTR recording obligations to Smart Contract with thousands tx per hour/day/month? Case closed.

Will ETH, DOT etc become that last hope and next step in crypto? We shall see ..
10) But what is clear to me, Bitcoin will be under heavy regulations. It will be hard to move 1b without declaration it to local Fintech authority.
Ok let's say this way. Less and less ppl will be transacting Bitcoin.
11) More ppl will be storing/locking Bitcoin. It is happening right now. New price discovery confirms that.
ETH on the other hand will increase "smaller" transactions. And that's where Farming, yield bearing contracts can become decentralized banks. https://twitter.com/Workedia/status/1334373809026162688
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