Couple big things in #energytwitter world this month: 1) 2020 @BloombergNEF New Energy Outlook came out and 2) @energywebx released a little something called Switchboard. Here’s a thread explaining the connection between them and a preview of what to expect from us in 2021 👇
In the next three decades, #renewables #batteries & #DERs will dominate the energy landscape, attracting 93% of all power sector investment, ~$13 trillion. Customers alone will directly invest $2 trillion. And that’s not even counting the trillions we’re about to spend on EVs.
The result: a much greener, but more complex energy system. 80% of electricity is renewable, up to â…” of generation comes from DERs, and #electricvehicles account for more than half of the global fleet.
#digitalization will play a critical role in managing complexity presented by a low-carbon distributed system like this—especially when it comes to managing identity, permissions, and data for billions of green assets in an efficient, secure way.
This is exactly what Switchboard is designed for. It provides a universal, privacy-forward identity & access management solution for enrolling / operating green assets and acts as a seamless pathway for those assets to access IT services required to participate in energy markets.
Switchboard debuts at a critical time, because even though NEO is full of good news, it’s clear we need to do much more to achieve climate goals. This includes dramatically increasing the utilization of existing green assets and investing in new ones like green hydrogen.
The @energywebx community is ready to lead the way and 2021 will be the year we unlock the full potential of the EW-DOS stack. Switchboard is the catalyst.
In Q1 we’re launching an escrow model with Switchboard at its core to make building production-grade solutions on the stack easy / cheap / secure. It combines elements from financial markets, enterprise IT, and decentralized finance, we’re excited to share more soon!
The escrow model is a triple-win for advancing the energy transition through #opensource: energy companies get a production-ready system; customers easily enroll green assets in markets; the $EWT community actively contributes to commercial operation of EW-DOS infrastructure.
Combined, the launch of Switchboard and the upcoming escrow model will form the biggest step yet in our mission to accelerate global #decarbonization and make the EW stack as ubiquitous in the energy sector as Linux is in IT and telecoms industries today.
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