Solar System
Mordern VS Vedic Scriptures.

Reference from
Hanuman Chalisa
Surya Sidhanta - 1500 BCE, later revised in 6th century and modified in 12th century.
Modern size of Moon - 2160 miles in Dia
Distance form Earth - 238900 miles
Vedic size of Moon - 2400 miles in Dia
Distance from Earth - 258000 miles.
The mordern science - The distance between The earth and Moon is 108 times the Diameter of the Moon. (Know why 108 is so important to vedic philiposy.

This is one reason which Science just new recently)
Diameter of the planets
Vedic - 8000 miles (SS Verse 1.59)
Mordern - 7928 miles

Vedic - The dia upon the moons orbit of Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus are reduced to 150 miles, 187.5 miles, 225 miles,
262.5 miles and 300 miles. (SS Verse 7.13 )
SS Verse chapter 12/85 to 90 - Distance from the Earth, the orbit of Distance.

Vedic - Mars 3771.7 miles
Mordern - 4191 miles

Vedic - Saturn 73882 miles
Mordern - 72000 miles

Vedic - Mercury 3008 miles
Mordern - 3100 miles

Vedic - Jupiter 83248 miles
Mordern - 86850 miles
Vedic - Venus - 8020 miles
Mordern - 7560 miles

Distance of planets from The Sun ( 1 - AU astrological Unit) e.g. average distance between Earth and Sun - 93 million miles.
5th chanto to bhagwat puran states the distance between earth and sun average 9324000 miles.
Rigved - Dia of Sun is 108 times that of Earth.
8000 miles x 108 - 864000 miles (similar to Mordern science calculation)
Rigveda on Earth Sun Distance 108 x times the Sun's dia - 93312000 miles (similar to mordern science)
Hanuman chalisa - Juga Shastra Yojan
1 jug - 12000
1 Shastra - 1000
1 yogan - 8 miles

12000 x 1000 x 8 - 96000000 miles.

Due to the orbit of sun and other planets the distance varies so even this figure is right when sun is far from Earth.
The Astrological units with Surya Sidhanta and Mordern Science is very Similar.

Image attached - This Astrolabe is ancient navigation system kept in the Geneva museum of science history.

Zoom in and see! The letters all have sanskrit script and our rashis are depicted. .
From around 14th century. A proof of the amazing work by our Vedic Scientist

Thanks to Dhaval bhaiya for sharing this beautiful information

Hare Krishna
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