Hold on, am I missing something or did America really only give some people a one-time stimulus check of 1200 and expected everyone to be able to quit their jobs and stay home
Okay so we talk a lot of shit about Americans not following quarantine guidelines and wanting to keep their businesses open, but honestly, how were they supposed to shut down or stop working with 0 support from the government?!
Like of course I don't condone protesting against quarantine guidelines, but it seems that much of it has spawned more from being asked to do the impossible than plain selfishness over not being able to party or whatever
It seems like so much of American (and international) media has missed the point - this situation isn't gonna be solved by yelling at people or citing terrifying numbers every day, the government NEEDS to give people the ability to quarantine. And yet - 600 DOLLARS?! REALLY???
Canada has given a ton of support to small businesses and still they're struggling. My pole dancing studio keeps opening and closing over and over and I'm like Man,, nobody should be pole dancing right now but I really feel for how you gotta try and stay afloat 😫
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