In partnership with @TheScotsman we unveil a new polling series ahead of the Scottish Parliamentary Elections in May.

But first, the headline #indyref2 voting intention:

Yes 52%
No 38%
Undecided 10%

w/o Undecided
Yes 58% (+5)
No 42% (-5)

11-15 December
(change from 9 October)
SNP on course for a majority in Holyrood.

Constituency VI:

SNP 55%
Conservative 20%
Labour 16%
LD 6%
Other 3%
Greens with a strong showing in the regional list.

List VI:

SNP 42%
Conservative 20%
Labour 17%
Green 12%
LD 7%
Other 3%
Nicola Sturgeon's favourability is significantly ahead of other Scottish leaders, for many of whom Scots rarely have a strong opinion on - if they've even heard of them.

Net favourability:

Sturgeon +28
Scot Gov +17
Slater -2
Harvie -7
Rennie -9
Ross -9
Leonard -18
Among UK leaders, Keir Starmer has similar favourability in Scotland to the rest of the UK, but Sunak and Johnson's are much lower.

Net favourability:

Starmer <1
Sunak >-1
UK Gov -34
Johnson -44
The SNP are trusted the most to imrpove Scotland in a number of ways.

Improve healthcare:
SNP 42
LAB 17
CON 15

Improve economy:
SNP 41
CON 18
LAB 15

Protect jobs:
SNP 42
LAB 19
CON 16

Protect environment:
SNP 32
Green 23
CON 12
LAB 10
Nicola Sturgeon most likely to be seen as intelligent and strong, but also much more likely to be seen as divisive than Ross or Leonard.


Intelligent 73
Strong 71
Divisive 54
Douglas Ross scores okay in terms of being intelligent, but worst on being charismatic.


Intelligent 32
Charismatic 16
Richard Leonard has higher don't know figures overall than Ross, and although intelligence is his highest metric, he is not seen as intelligent as his Conservative counterpart.


Intelligent 28
Charismatic 13
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