marcus in the times
this from @danieldylanwray in the Guardian Experience section
from my colleague @bereccastewart
have enjoyed every single one of these agony columns by @_rhysthomas_
all my wine knowledge comes from sy ableman in a serious man (you have to let it breathe, larry), but i liked this
i liked this essay about a game mechanic that i, too, hate, because i am bad at games that require good reflexes
i love love love @johnnys_panic stuff
this was a really good piece too by @serenathesmith
@sophiasgaler did an amazing job covering tiktok this year
while the standoff between MCR and the govt was on, i thought @zeshasaleem nailed it in this piece
liked loads of bits by @swodinsky this year but this was a good 'un in the runup to slack getting bought
really enjoyed this one by @hrappleye
this piece in wired was a cracker by @laurensmiley
this was a really good account of the full spectrum weirdness going on in the US election
similar vein i guess, @multiplebears and @theondrakguy on that bit where sky had a reality entertainment show with a massive nazi
this by @annielord8
really enjoyed sarah's stuff this year
and this one!
and this one!
i reported on these protests when i was 18 so this was really interesting read
this deep dive on the drudge report was great.
thought about this stuff a lot this year, since i have been quietly enjoying not having to commute to glasgow every day
this was a really good look at anti-vax sentiments by @bspeed8
related, this by @amitkatwala was good too
more covid-19 stuff:
think this is the one i'm most pleased with from this year
also: every single one of those glee sue coach memes, every single time i see one
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