Whenever A.Raja meets press and states that he has not been convicted in 2G case, feel let down by everyone. All evidence was available, CBI had it always, but Cong used the evidence to bargain their seat sharing.
After that no one bothered about the case. 2014 it was needed.
2014 campaign highlight was 1.76 Lakh Crore 2G Scam, everyone spoke about it to prove that UPA was corrupt.
But after 2014, we saw so many reasons why the case was not proved by CBI.
$aini was to be blamed, not the Public Prosecutor or CBI.
Corruption has become a norm.
Similar with all corruption cases involving powerful politicians, ex: INX Media, Aircel-Maxis, Kalaingar TV, 372 line Telephone Exchange.. list maybe long, but nothing will see the logical conclusion for another generation.
Instead of wasting time, Govt can close all these files
CBI/ED may not pursue these cases in right earnest.
Prosecutors may not argue against Corrupt.
Bharatiya society has accepted corruption in all levels and it is becoming a new norm in life.
Educated are culprits, the tax payer is the fool, poor will suffer more.
Wonder where are the Fast Track courts to expediate Corruption cases of MLA/MP's?
How many cases have been logically concluded in these courts?
How long will it take for these cases to be completed?
Till then the accused are busy multiplying their wealth and power.
Many honest officials who stood against corrupt have been penalised.
They have been deprived of their self esteem, monetary benefits, for being honest, their families would be ashamed that they had a honest person in their family.
This apathy will damage the next generation.
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