The MSM is full of shit when it comes to COVID19.

I had it & almost died.

Here’s my experience. You deserve to know.

1. I wore masks, gloves, changed clothes, showered after walking in the door. My mom was a nurse, so I did everything more than by the book. Didn’t matter.
We got it.

It was early in the pandemic. March 2020.

Guess what everyone’s response on social media was?

A) we did something wrong to get it
B) We deserved it because we did something wrong

We did nothing wrong.
We still got it.

I understand why people don’t speak out.
We felt like pariahs.

Aside from close friends who were worried, everyone else just wanted us to stay away from them. Which I get.

But, I don’t get the blame part. Now I do! It’s Democrats! (I used be one until this year). You get blamed for everything not your fault.
Looking back I wish I had hidden it from anyone other than from my doctor. The public is insane. And they’re insane because the press tells them to be insane.

But, I wrote in detail my treatment in case it helped anyone. I’m sure it did. started with loss of smell
Then taste.

It’s hard to notice unless someone asks you about it.

Just food tastes bland suddenly. But I was super busy & didn’t think about it.

Then came the cough. Polite at first like a smoker’s cough. But after a week it turned into wheezing. You feel it the intestines
That cough is the biggest symptom I think. You can’t FAKE IT. (Who would want to?)

Then the breathlessness.

Covid is weird because you can talk & sort of walk & you need to hospitalized.

Not. A. Joke.

You need an oxygen meter. It will save your life. (Amazon sells them)
It also helps if someone is taking care of you because you can’t think straight at all.

Your brain is cotton candy.

Please don’t desert your loved ones with this. They need you if they’re going to live. They can’t think straight.

You’re weirdly content to die because you’re
So very tired.

Tired like you’ve never ever felt before. And no one knows tired like me, I have a sleep disorder.

Thankfully there was no sneezing for me.

But a fever so hot 🥵 I think it gave me hearing damage.

That fever never ends. You’re scalding to the touch.
Meanwhile I’m calmly trying to work & apologizing to people for canceling meetings.

I called a close friend & she was extremely worried & forced me to call the doctor. I was so out to lunch.

My teenager was sick too. I tried to get her to leave when I first got sick but she

She said I would need her if I had Covid. It was the bravest thing she’s ever done. The greatest act of love imaginable. She saved my life.

I would’ve died without her.

I told you, I couldn’t think clearly.
The doctor told me I had 21 symptoms.


They’re unique to Covid in their pattern so there’s nothing else there could be he said.

He told me there was no treatment but to treat it like the flu.

This is when people were dropping like flies in NYC.
They were putting people on ventilators at the time which was a massive mistake.

That was more likely to kill them than the virus, because it’s such a dangerous procedure to intubate someone.

They needed to oxygenate them. There are better ways.

So lack of oxygen and
blood clots are the real killers.

For blood clots, take Tylenol around the clock (according to the correct dose) or any NSAID that’s a blood thinner. (I wish I had known this from the very beginning it would’ve saved so much suffering).

When you hear about someone young
Dying suddenly from Covid19 that’s a blood clot.

I used to wake up crying with the sudden severe cramping in my legs at night. It was vicious. Once I discovered that it was blood clots I started the Tylenol & massages. It helped a lot.

I highly recommend the Tylenol again.
My teen got sick a few days after me. It was like clockwork my symptoms.

She was better off than me. But one night she wasn’t.

She complained of horrible cold. I put 4 blankets on her, she was turning blue.

I called a close friend who is a nurse & also had Covid, she said
To give her a double dose of Tylenol & watch her like a hawk. If she got any worse, to call 911 without hesitation.

I pinched the tips of her fingers every few minutes, & made sure she was breathing.

Within an hour, she was rosy & feeling hot. I took the blankets off her.
When I say she was turning blue, she was actually grey not blue yet.

If this happens to you call 911. I’m not giving you medical advice just sharing my experience & what worked for us.

Get that oxygen meter, it’s vital for understanding if in fact you should go to emergency.
I wonder how many people died simply because they didn’t call 911 or didn’t know or understand the symptoms they were dealing with.

Emergency room bills are no joke. We have excellent insurance & I still paused before calling.

Get that oxygen meter. It’ll save a life.
Or prevent an ER visit.

In the meantime, I was watching everything I could on Covid. I was reading everything I could.

The media panicking people was the dumbest thing out.

There was little to no advice out there on what to do. The doctors didn’t know much I guess.
We were also terrified to go to the hospital in case we didn’t have Covid, because we didn’t want to get it. Stupid. We already had it.

Btw...nurses & doctors have all had it. LOL to vaccinating them.

It ran through my friend’s hospital super fast. No staff there died.
Now, my husband & son who we had been in close contact with initially (they should have had it), my husband had ZERO symptoms. My son had on-off fevers, not extreme.

Contact with Covid is far from a death sentence. Do not leave your sick alone. Take care of them.

It was awful
That they didn’t see us for 6 weeks. They dropped off some food & waved.

But it hardly touched them. They would’ve been fine taking care of us.

Do you want to know what the problem was? We’ve figured it out.

Aside from people with blood clots dying suddenly, there’s another
Factor to Covid & why some get sicker than others.

What tipped me off was that black people were dying in droves. There are socioeconomic factors tied to that. But here’s another one: #SickleCell anemia.

Guess what? Sickle cell kills healthy red blood cells. What do they do?

What does Covid do? It deoxygenates the blood.

THAT is why the black community has been hit so hard. Sickle cell is endemic to the black community.

So how does that relate to us? #irondisorders

You see, iron disorders run in my family. We have trouble keeping
Iron in our bodies. They don’t know why.

So with low iron, we already have trouble with deoxygenation. THAT is why we got so sick & my husband got zero symptoms.

We also have vitamin D deficiencies & take supplements. 5,000 mg per day.

#VitaminD “the sunshine vitamin”
Is a huge factor in #COVID19

D is water soluble (get that kind). Whatever your body doesn’t need will pass through you. So take vitamin D, it’s a huge factor in Covid19.

Here’s another thing: if you have darker skin like me & black people, you have trouble getting enough from
The sun.

I live in California & hike an hour a day & I’m still deficient.

If you live in a cold climate or have dark skin, taking D isn’t optional. You must take it.

Depression is a symptom of D deficiency. Bet you didn’t know that! I didn’t.

Now #vitaminC
While I was sick, I drank gallons of orange juice. I craved it. There’s a link between Covid & Vitamin C.

Remember that iron deficiency is a factor in a deoxygenation illness like #Covid19 so what helps iron absorption? Vitamin C. Together, iron & vitamin C help oxygenate blood
DO NOT TAKE IRON without a doctor’s recommendation. Too little iron will kill you, so will too much. If your iron levels are normal (that’s a vast range tho) then don’t take it on your own.

For the record: sleep doctors (are also neurologists) have a completely different idea
Of what « normal » iron levels are. Trust them before a family doctor or even a hemotologist. Your scores should be at least in the middle not the lower end.

Even a small amount of being off on iron can make you sick. Too much or too little.

Back to Covid19.
People in good health will experience #Covid as a flu. It can be very mild or tough but not life threatening.

I just had a friend who just beat a tough cancer fly through Covid easily.

It simply affects people differently.

For the media to scare monger people is doing far
More harm than good.

Your body WILL react to your thinking about illness. It doesn’t mean you can positively think your way out of illness but you have to be ready to fight back.

I thought #Covid19 would kill me. Frankly, I was ready to give up. It felt way too hard.
They say that Covid19 will kill you by drowning your lungs. I almost drowned twice in the ocean. A riptide in Nicaragua almost drowned me, and swimming out too far in South Africa. Drowning is pretty awful.

That’s NOT how Covid19 feels.

It feels like incredible exhaustion
Combined with muscle pain & breathlessness.

#Dying wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be. THIS is important. Why?

Because after hearing how terrible dying from #Covid19 is, there are people ready to kill themselves if infected or fear of it.

This makes me angry.
Covid19 is not by far the worst way to die.

I almost fell off a mountain, that was far more terrifying. I knew I was going to fall to my death & the likelihood I’d make it up another 20 meters was unlikely. THAT is worse.

Covid19 is gradual (unless you have a blood clot)
It’s not pleasant but the body has a weird way of making you comfortable before you die.

Now, what saved my life?


1) a CPAP
2) the will to live

They discovered that putting people on ventilators was a dangerous form of treatment. The action of intubation itself
Is dangerous. They’re putting tubes directly into your lungs 🫁 to force you to breathe. You can’t speak after that & the risk of death is high.

Guess what they figured out? A CPAP machine works to oxygenate people.

It blows air into your throat & lungs, perfect for Covid19
I already had a CPAP because of my sleep disorder & I read that it could help.

At one point I knew I was dying & wrote a will. I didn’t want to be intubated. I told my teen that if I didn’t get better by the next day I would allow her to take me to emergency.

Instead of
Just using the CPAP at night only, I used it day & night to help me breathe.

I wasn’t better the next day BUT I wasn’t worse either. I continued to use it day & night for three days.

During this time, I told my teen how to do things when I died. I assumed I would.
I told her she could sell or give away anything of mine except my pearl earrings. I wanted her to keep them in memory of me.

She refused & said that was the first thing she would sell.

We argued & I got angry. Why wouldn’t she keep something I loved in memory of me?
She was obstinate & I was enraged lying dying on my bed.

That’s when it hit me.

She wasn’t grown up enough to understand she should’ve promised that.

She was just a child & wasn’t going to make it without me.

That’s when I decided to live. No joke. I made a decision to

I felt a wave rush through my embattled body. Like a shiver.

Now I didn’t get up & start making dinner or anything that interesting. I just felt resolute that I had to fight back and told my body so.

I didn’t know if it would work but I sure as hell would try

I want you to know that I was so sick & so was she that there were many times I wanted to check in on her but I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow.

Was she dying in her bedroom was my constant fear. Would she call for me & would I not answer because I was dead?
Whenever I could walk, I would check on her. Bring her food, water whatever.

But mostly I was useless. I was lucky that when she was turning blue, I managed to be awake for it.

And she helped when she could but she couldn’t do much either.

Do. Not. Leave. Family. Alone.
As I said before, it affects everyone even family members differently. The strong should take care of the sick.

Even if you die taking care of your loved ones, that’s better than letting them die alone.

That’s my opinion as a human being & I stand by it.

Sophie’s choice?
I’ve thought about Sophie’s Choice for a decade. I finally concluded that if I had been her, I would’ve REFUSED to choose between my children. The only way to fight a sociopath is to refuse to play their sick games.

It matters that those we love see that love no matter what.
What hospitals are doing to people is sickening. No, you don’t say goodbye over the phone.

Screw that.

The survival rate is 99.7%

All the medical staff has already had Covid anyway.

Families should never desert their dying members. If you have Ebola, then maybe.
But I doubt I could turn away from my child dying from Ebola. Even then.

My mother had SARS, I didn’t leave her. Even with a 3 month old infant.

I kept them in separate rooms but I took care of her regardless.

What’s wrong with our society? I’m sickened.
I’m sick of the lockdowns causing far more harm than good. Isolation is killing people. Regular medical services suspended is killing people. Losing jobs & businesses is killing people.

Despite UNICEF stating that 10,000 children are dying a month from LOCKDOWNS & begging to
end them, the machine continues.

MSM is obsessed with terrifying everyone.


Back to Covid19:

You know what works? PRONING.

Why doesn’t the media discuss this everyday?
You know who I learned this from? Chris Cuomo.

Lie on your stomach or side because your lungs are close to your back. Lying on your back makes it far harder to breathe.

If you can’t stand, sit. Walk every chance you have.

Focus on breathing as deeply as you can.
Here’s what Cuomo has to say.


It may save your life.
You have to FIGHT.

You can accept you will die (as I did on that mountain) but you have to be determined to live anyway.

Here’s the greatest book on survival ever written. It’s my Bible.

It probably got me off that mountain. Though I swear part of me died there anyway.
It certainly helped me beat Covid as I thought about the lessons of that book.

After a few days on the CPAP 24 hours a day, I slowly started to recover.

I drove myself to the testing site. I was negative 🤣🤣🤣

They were mad I hadn’t come before then.
Sorry, I was busy trying not to die.

The tests are so useless it’s ridiculous.

There are 31 companies with tests across America. Who knows the efficacy? Also, they were running out of testing solution so many were only using half the quantity needed.

Technicians aren’t
trained properly either.

It’s a shitshow.

A doctor confided in me & said he’d done hundreds of tests that were symptoms.

That’s why Covid numbers are ridiculous. I don’t care about how many positives.

How many are actually SICK? How many with symptoms?
At the time I was terrified. I was a mask Nazi. I didn’t want anyone going outside period.

Then my close friend who is a nurse started laying some facts on me.

You don’t want to hear them. Especially extremist Democrats who’ve bought into so much of this propaganda.
I’m not going to go into masks & such nonsense.

But let’s talk viruses & the way they work.

Lockdowns have made the virus far more potent than if we had let it burn itself out through the population.

Let me be clear: the elderly & most vulnerable should stay isolated.
We need to financially & otherwise support them.

The rest of us need to keep the economy going. Keep our jobs. Keep our industries from dying.

My industry is dying. 330,000 out of jobs.

People are now homeless. Women & children are in lockdown with their abusers.
Small businesses are permanently kaput.


This is simply wrong headed thinking.

We don’t see our families & governors are getting haircuts & throwing parties.

Emergency workers are basically poor people who can’t afford to lockdown.
What about them?

This whole scenario stinks.

It’s unfair in the extreme. With no lockdown outcome saving lives.

Instead we are making the virus last longer.

That nurse clarified so much for me.

Covid is everywhere like polio.
Polio isn’t gone. We just have vaccines for it.

So either we vaccinate or gain herd immunity.

Some experts say we only need 20% infected to attain herd immunity. Others are claiming 80%.

But it’s in our urine, our tears, even semen.

So you can’t stop it from spreading.
Once I realized you can’t stop it, that was a game changer for me.

Once I looked at survival rates, that was a game changer for me.

It almost killed me, but I’m telling you the lockdowns are killing more.

We did EVERYTHING right & still got it.

You can’t stop it.
I have no comment on the vaccine except to look at the facts.

What’s worse? Covid or a vaccine?

You can’t sue them for a dangerous vaccine for starters. That’s a warning ⚠️ sign to me.

We’ve never had a vaccine for a Corona virus before, the average vaccine takes 3 years to
Develop, but this one is out in under a year? For something we’ve never vaccinated for before?

I’m not an anti-vaxxer. But this one smells fishy. Vaccine for a virus with a 99.7% survival rate?



We don’t lockdown for the flu & that kills millions worldwide
every year.

It’s none of my business who wants to get it. But no one should be forced. Especially not those who’ve had it. Seems stupid to me to play at reinfecting us.

Think for yourselves.

Anyhow, my daughter & I had it bad. I had to take her to emergency when she started
coughing up blood.

They said it was « a normal symptom » of Covid and sent us home with no tests. WTF?

Charged us $1500.00 out of pocket WTF?

No wonder poor people are dying. They can’t afford to get proper care.

Mind you most of this you can take care of yourself.
They put you on a ventilator as a last possible choice. They think you’ll die.

Demand a CPAP. (Buy one...though they’re supposed to be calibrated. So IDK how that works. I’m planning to buy another one let me check if I can do it myself).

I doubt they’re using ventilators

There’s not much they can do.


There’s a lot you can do.

Will to live
Oxygen meter
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Tonic water (for the quinine if you respond well to quinine. I do. I took it for malaria).
Family & love ❤️
Get yourself healthy AF NOW before you get Covid19. That’s the best defense.

Make sure those iron levels are okay. That’s probably the most important & watch for blood clots. That is instant death.

You can do all this now before you get it.

Not in excess with the vitamins.
Make sure you’re not taking too much Tylenol or you can kill yourself with it.

Start the Tylenol when you have it not now. Follow the guidelines & consult with your doctor.

Mostly importantly, DO NOT PANIC.

Don’t panic now or when you get it. Stay calm & breathe.
I started crying when I knew I would die.

That’s useless when you can’t breathe.

I made myself stop & promised to cry after I got better. Later. Save your panic for later.

Like when I was stuck on that mountain. When I grabbed that bush I wanted to keep going. But I made
Myself STOP & think & catch my breath.

I wasn’t going to make it up with no air.

I was hoping the branch wouldn’t break. I braced myself & stopped anyway.

Panic is the enemy.

Again, I was sure I would fall off that mountain but I also decided to live & die trying.
PS if you get Covid toes you’re getting better not worse. It’s a GOOD sign.

Anyway that’s our story & I hope it helped.

You’re not useless in the face of this.

Know that.

Take care of yourself & each other. 💗
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