The fact that any environmental groups are against either nuclear or carbon capture goes to show THEY DO NOT WANT TO SOLVE THE CARBON PROBLEM.

Their interests lie elsewhere.

And we shouldn't allow these hacks to get away with risking our futures.
This is exactly right, by the way:
In short, those groups are socialists/capitalists/anarchists first...and global warming activists second.

If you are a honest believer that we should do something about climate change, these people should be put in the same group of people that refuse to do NOTHING about carbon on the Right.

They are the same.

I would argue the leftists are worse, actually...
...Because the Left is using the issue for their own political gain.

The people on the Right opposing carbon neutral policies...I am not sure how much 'gain' they have. They just don't believe in the science.

But in any case, neither is helpful.
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