#Mittens 'BainCapitol ' 🤡🐚Co & 'Solar Winds' from 2005
When does it Become Mathematically impossible? @POTUS
A short thread within thread KEK #WearetheNewsNow
Did u know? 🧐
#Mittens #Ryan and ' #BainCapitol' ALL 🤡 Thread👇 https://twitter.com/RedPilledisBACK/status/1321102806200307713
OK Let's GO Back To June .... #BainCapitol #Mittens
'Clinton Global Initiative' and MOAR
Wayfair and ALL of these [DS] 🤡players??
Do u believe in coincidences??
I don't...
Just In Case U need MOAR #BainCapitol 'Mittens' and
'Clinton Global Initiative'
WE 👀U 🤡
These People Are Stupid
OK Everyone this is Old Deep Dive Into #Mittens
Ask yourself 👉How is possible be involved w the 'BIG 3' M_6 MOS and the C_A ??=🤡🕷️🕸️
'Bain Capitol'
What Is a 🐚Holding Co??
#ClownsEverywhere @POTUS
BIG Thread👇 https://twitter.com/RedPilledisBACK/status/1279495075173629952
I'll this one here...
I wonder if it's even possible for #Mittens' 🪃 to be even Moar Nervous?? #PanicInDC
💥Raid on SolarWinds HQ Raided in Austin TX👇
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