THREAD: Cultural Connection Between India and Indonesia
--- The term “Nesia”
signifies a group of islands, and “Indo” of course means India. Thus, Indonesia means Indian Islands.
--- Java, Bali, and Sumatra which are provinces of Indonesia are all Sanskrit names.
--- All of the most ancient of Indonesian shrines are
dedicated to Indian Vedic deities and depict scenes from Indian epics
--- Indonesian dance and music are
of Indian origin.
--- The Indonesian flag, being of two colors, is known by Sanskrit name Dwivarna
--- The five cardinal points of the Indonesian constitution are also
designated by the Sanskrit word Panchashila.
---Its airline is called Garuda, the Sanskrit name for the
eagle carrier of Lord Vishnu
---The old Javanese alphabet derives from the Pallava script of South India
--- Indonesians still follow the Vedic year and call
it Sakh-Samvat.
--- On the outskirts of the city Yogyakarta, is a famous ancient Vedic temple
complex known as Borobudur, displaying the majestic Vedic architecture, and now containing
hundreds of statues of the Buddha.
--- Not very far from Borobudur is the complex of Prambanam. The central triad of temples devoted to
the Trimurti [Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva]
Vedic culture began to lose its ground here in the 13th century. Most of the inhabitants,
te₹₹oriz€d by inv@ding Arabs,
were forced to accept Isl@m in the 15th century, after many of their men
were ma$$acr€d, women r@ped, and homes looted.
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