Asuras of modern India-2

Devdutt patnaik- The puppet of the West

Have you ever come across someone who claims to be the one who knows everything but in real they aren’t the one they claim to be?

Well, in this age there are so many of the same kind but even if you haven’t,
let’s discuss about Devdutt Pattanaik.

Pattnaik caught fame after his series Devlok with Devdutt patnaik.

The Indian masses have a misconception that patnaik is propagating Hinduism in the west with his prolific writing.
Thanks to intellectuals like True indology Rajiv Malhotra , Nityananda , Aabhas , Nilesh onk who have exposed Devdutt’s western thought interpreted commentaries.

A very successful mythologist, who sold his identity for the westernization of our country,
having expertise in misinterpreting and passing on this skill to the younger generation of the great Indian civilization, Devdutt Pattanaik claims himself to be a mythologist and not a litterateur,
but still due to some reasons, he writes on philosophies (of course, he misinterprets them!!).
Before knowing him more, let’s have some light on the word mythologist- someone who writes MYTHS, and for no reason should be trusted on for genuine facts.
Still he writes books, very expeditiously misconstruing our holy scriptures, and people feel privileged to know about our scriptures from him- a mythologist.
Pattanaik, a pseudo spiritualist is acquiring huge fame by publishing retellings of Great scriptures like Mahabharata or Gita, which in actual are not retellings but some misapprehended works to promote his own sluggish ideas regarding our traditions.
His writings are nothing but pieces of denigrations of Hinduism.

While he doesn’t have the basic knowledge of Sanskrit, he is very much interested in misinterpreting the Sanskrit texts.
What he actually does in his books, which due to some ignorant people are the bestsellers, praises some people from west, invents new concepts which are completely baseless and is very obsessed with looking for sexual meanings in the texts.
Talking in a more precise way, his imagination runs wild- which is of course great for writing stories but definitely harmful for translating Sanskrit verses from scriptures or writing philosophical texts.
There is no problem with Pattanaik’s writings, the problem starts when he tries to promote atheism by taking the base of God and his scriptures.
For example, in his book, My Gita- he explains a word ‘iti’ as- accepting the reality of $e× and vi0lence, desires and conflicts in relationships, household and life.
Creating more blunder to all this, he concluded- those who affirmed iti were the astikas and those who denied were the nastikas. Which is completely baseless, because in real, the words astika and nastika has nothing to do with the word ‘iti’.
So, it is clear that how deep his knowledge of Sanskrit is, and even if his Sanskrit is good enough to translate the holy texts, one must question his authenticity of writing gita- which is song of the lord.
Gita as being the greatest book of Hindus, speaks for itself that one must be coming from a bonafide authority to explain its message to others.

As per all the researches and everything, Devdutt is not from any bona fide community neither he is any of the Hindu acharya.
So, the question arises on his authenticity. For example, when we want to have a voter id card, we go to the offices which are approved by government to make and issue voter id cards to the general public. So, when we tend to reach bona fide authority for this work,
how are we trusting a mythologist for interpreting the Vedic scripture?

One more example of his evil interpretation comes from one of his twitter posts.

Gopikas- who are symbol of immense bhakti, are questioned by him on his
twitter handle, that are they le$b!ans? Why?

What is he trying to inculcate?

But despite being all these evidences against Devdutt Pattanaik’s roots in Hinduism, no one cares to just cross check the facts provided by him with a bona fide scripture.
Not only his level of toxicity is ignored by the followers but it is supported too. Because most of the so-called Hindus have never even gone through the bona fide scriptures.

Saffronization can be easily seen by them but the real face of these propagandists remains hidden.
Devdutt pattanaik is getting so much respect, just because majority of his writings are in favor of some leftist socio-political propagandas. Just like Indians need western ambassadors to give them the knowledge of food they eat, in the same manner,
they are overwhelmed with happiness when puppet of westerns like Wendy Doniger try to extract all the sensible things from their brain and establish greatest of myths.

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