TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE ASTRO NOTES + messages for your zodiac sign. A thread:
Astro notes:

•Dec 14, 2020 @ 23 degrees, 8 minutes of Sagittarius. Eclipse will happen 8:15 AM Pacific.
•Conj. south node.
• Eclipses represent: releasing something old to make room for something new. Seeding for the new year. Upgraded consciousness, spiritual transformation, karma (Cont).
• Sagittarius: freedom, expansion, universal laws, education, mechanics, wisdom, optimism, truth, justice, dharma, luck, philosophy (I love the energy of sag). Cont.
Solar eclipses are a window for the soul to recognize itself. With this eclipse being conj. the south note; we may start remembering suppressed parts of ourselves, and receive downloads or visions of our past lives. Cont.
This is also a time where decisions become final and last minutes changes/ shifts can be made. The Universe may trigger spiritual events so that you have the opportunity to untie and clear your karma. Cont.
This energy could highlight any mental, emotional and spiritual wounds so that you finally tend to them. This eclipse is preparing us for the Saturn/ Jupiter conj. at 0 degrees (a karmic reset). It’s important to ground, rest and meditate on eclipse day. Stay centered.
Something interesting I learned: in Vedic astrology, this eclipse is happening 1 degree away from what is known as the grandatta pada. This is the zone where water and fire meet. It’s very spiritual and potent. Grand = knot and atta = end. This word means “uniting knots.” Cont.
Okeee let’s get into the messages! There will be bullet point notes of themes this eclipse might bring up + intuitive messages for each zodiac sign. This will resonate with your topical rising sign the most, your sun sign second, and your moon sign 3rd.
♈️ ARIES ♈️ :

• Beliefs and perspective will change
• New beginnings with friends and relationships
• Revisiting old self
• Coming across a significant astrologer, tarot reader or teacher
I see you standing stronger at the core. I see Aries dealing with the theme of justice within themselves and over the course of their own lives. You will be thrown deep spiritual and emotional experiences that will expand your knowledge and philosophies. (1/2)
It feels like it’s the last call to learn certain lessons. Be playful and explorative. Don’t let logic cloud intuition and vise verse. Don’t let self limiting beliefs get in the way.
♉️ TAURUS ♉️:
• Themes of power and control will be illuminated
• Resetting the psyche
• Changes involving money and how you generate money
• Releasing relationships
This eclipse will be highlighting your shadow sides. You may receive a reality check on where you struggle with control. You’re really learning to value yourself more and will be hyper aware of how much energy you give and take. (1/2)
Forgive yourself for the times you may not have had your own back. This is a time to be creative when it comes to beautifying your life. (2/2).
♊️ GEMINI ♊️:

• new relationships
• learning from old karmic relationships
• past life people may come in
• identity may be transitioning
So much of the past few years have taught you about relationships, connection, intimacy and energy exchange. The focus is shifting back to you now. You can let people in again. You’re different; you won’t lose site of yourself this time. (1/2)
The people coming in next year are sent to you by the divine. You will feel like you’ve met them before. They will push you on your journey towards identity. (2/2)
♋️ CANCER ♋️:

• releasing old everyday mentalities and bad habits
• Restructuring your routine
• Doing the root work for your future career
• Make space for new and better
• Karma being paid, or relieved (for some)
I see cancer finally being “released.” Whatever has been holding you back is letting you go. It feels like you wanted these chords to drop for a while. This closure feels like it was long-standing and deep. You have a chance to start over. (1/2)
I see cancer rising above turmoil in a really beautiful way. Keep recalling your energy back to yourself. Keep doing you. There isn’t much to do here but claim cancer. Big karma coming in the 3rd week of dec also. (2/2)
♌️ LEO ♌️:

• Karmic energy surrounding children, education, or casual romances
• Reconnecting with passions
• Heart chakra is activated
• Searching for Soma: The Elixir of Life
Let yourself rest, play and meditate over these next few days. I feel a burst of energy and creativity will come in at the perfect time. I see Leo taking everything they learned this year and turning it into art, or a business idea. (1/2)
Universe says: Good things are coming. But don’t let yourself take off before you’re ready. Be smart. Put yourself out there. (2/2).
♍️ VIRGO ♍️:

• transforming reputation
• Changing home life
• Overcoming power struggles
• Reflecting on your roots

You are being called to draw your energy back to yourself. You know everything you need now. You have to be fully behind yourself now and work on your core self. Give yourself time Virgo. Slow and steady wins the race. You don’t have to prove anything. (1/2)
You just need to let your true self be seen. Take your time putting out your best work. I’m seeing a lot more support and recognition coming in for Virgo if they allow themselves to relax more. (2/2).
♎️ LIBRA ♎️:
• new beginning with relationships
• new way of communicating
• Changing careers
• Moving homes
• Finding new passions and ways of play

Libra, this energy is going to help you communicate something you’ve been holding back. Libra can hold back a lot of secrets, opinions and burdens just to keep the peace. I feel like Libra may speak a truth that will bring justice to a situation. (1/2)
I also see Libra becoming more talented or skilled at something. Big process and career changes are coming. (2/2)
♏️ SCORPIO ♏️:

• new financial opportunities
• finding what you’re meant to do
• Relax your routine
• Repairing familiar karma and patterns
• Recovery

A lot of who Scorpio was before 2020 was built off of rocky, and painful foundations. But this year has completely blanked that canvas for you. You gotta keep doing you and keep recovering, Scorpio. (1/2)
Finally you have a chance to build a life from strong and sturdy foundations. I feel Scorpio is really changing the what it means to be a friend, a lover and a family member. Open your heart to new relationships soon to come who will reflect the healed parts of you. (2/2)

• Dropping old baggage
• Letting go of an old identity
• Breaking karmic cycles with self
• Lots of luck and synchronicities
• Past life visions and downloads
• Letting go of a relationship.

HELLO, STAR OF THE SHOW. Sagittarius, you will level up in ways you couldn’t imagine. Let the universe run it’s course and pull out what isn’t aligned with you. You come across a new sense of purpose and destiny. (1/2)
I feel the past 12 years of your life is coming to a close and you can officially lay that chapter to rest. This is very karmic and potent energy. I’m seeing a lot of newness for sag. Whether or not this process was what you wanted; it all feels way more in alignment. (2/3)
Remember; you gotta get rid of the old to make room for the new. You should have gut instincts on what changes need to be made. Trust your intuition and yourself rn. You’re putting everything you learned the past 10 years into use now. (3/3)

• endings, big decisions
• Introspection, reflection, mental dance
• Trust your intuition over logic
• Recognizing patterns that need to change
• Reflecting on your roots and reputation
• Could move away

This eclipse wants you to slow down and rest. You have the tools and energy to achieve your goals; but you gotta take time to go inward and get your heart and mind the right place. There is something you gotta purge and the eclipse will highlight that. (1/2)
You gotta work for yourself. Cap can sometimes get caught up in proving people wrong or in up keeping an old reputation. Universe wants you to reclaim your energy back. (2/2)

• endings with friends and networks
• Karmic contracts coming to a close
• Past life connections coming in to put your on your path
• Changing your core

I feel Aquarius lost a major person in their life this year. This eclipse will help bring closure to that situation. Once you release this connection; I see a new one coming in early next year. (1/2)
These new connections will propel you forward career wise. I feel Aqua clearly knows who they can and can’t trust now. Trust your instincts. Start networking and putting yourself out there more. Opportunists coming through people. (2/2)
♓️ PISCES ♓️:

• letting go of career that aren’t aligned
• Finding new recourses
• Purging, rest and reflection
• Balancing out your life

You have spent this entire year doing the root work. You pulled out everything that wasn’t in alignment with you, planted new seeds, watched yourself grow and change. This eclipse wants you to pat yourself on the back for all the inward work you’ve done. (1/2)
You’re ready to build a reputation in the outside world. You’re strong enough at the core now. Let the real you be seen. (2/2)
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