This work is the owner of 100 tonnes of #CO2 offset.
By owning it, you will also own the Carbon.

It is is listed at the exact dollar amount required to offset the corresponding CO2 reduction and acts only as a transmitter.
While most tokenized art is digital, I believe there is an opportunity to use the medium to represent analog items.
If a #NFT is tied to a physical, real-world object, it now lives in two worlds.
The #CO2 can’t be redeemed and will be attached to the art forever, even if the work is changing hands in the future.
Tokenized during @codame ART+TECH festival 2020.
Also my genesis work on @KnownOrigin_io.
The QR Code embedded in the work will lead you to the retired #CO2 offset credits in the @VerraStandards registry.
With "C Carbon Dioxide" I want to showcase the capacity of the #NFT technology stack.
#Cryptoart can be way more then we currently imagine it to be!
Looking forward to #BehindTheScreens with @MOCDA_ & @KnownOrigin_io tomorrow!
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