It drives me absolutely bananas that people on Twitter do not understand the damage that is done when they speak as if they are an expert on something they actually are not an expert in.
People OnHere only have to hear you speak with authority and confidence to immediately assume what you're saying is true. It's a weird quirk of the format.

And that means there's a responsibility not to just say shit that sounds right. Because you're ultimately spreading misinfo
It takes a lot of self awareness and dedication to yethics to put caveats on your tweets and admit when you're not an expert and just stay out of the conversation all together when necessary.

So what we end up with is a platform of endless bullshit and entitlement to spread it.
Anyway if I had a dollar for every time someone got mad at me for asking their qualifications for speaking on a topic or called me a elitist blue check ordering people around when I suggested that a conversation of non-experts making wild guesses should end, I'd be rich.
I doesn't matter how many followers you have, how tiny your account is, or how little reach you think you have. If you speak with authority on something you're not actually an authority on, someone here will inevitably be misled by you. Everyone has a responsibility to do better.
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