My parents grew up under segregation. As little black kids, they lined up to take the polio vaccine. If anyone had a right to distrust their govt it was little black kids living under Jim Crow. I get the Tuskegee experiment & other instances like it. However, right now, we
are dying by the pound from coronavirus. Who are you going to hold responsible right now for catching it or dying? If you take the vaccine & have side effects (which may not ever happen) at least you have a recourse. I'm taking the vaccine, my Mom will take the vaccine & I hope
every other black person within the sound of my voice or this tweet considers it. I've been an RN for 21 years. I've worked emergency medicine & ICU & I will take my chances with the vaccine in a controlled setting than contracting the coronavirus at random any day. I'm about as
brave as they come & even I don't want to tango with "Rona". That's my 2 cents.
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