im not an anti lockdowner but im confused what the point of this basically-no-lockdown-but-also-feel-guilty-about-ever-leaving-the-house system is?
like materially there is very little difference between this and no lockdown at all, except we just all feel guilty and terrible all the time for not being able to save all the people our government killed via our personal actions
no amount of yelling at people who are going to parties or whatever is gonna prevent people from dying. you dont have that power. your yelling is not a sufficient solution to government murderousness
which isnt to say i dont ever judge people -- i think people are doing very stupid and reckless things, but my judgement of them has no material impact on this pandemic. it is a waste of energy
like everyone already knows its bad to go to parties and travel. they still do it. what does telling them over and over again do? nothing, except distract from the systemic government nature of this issue.
also the vast majority of cases come from people being forced to work!!! yelling at partying people is just a distraction, really.
i say this as someone who has not been inside with more than five people for the last 9 months. i have been responsible and will continue to be, but im done with yelling at random people. it just is a humungous distraction
tl;dr if ur gonna have an indoor party, i think thats a bad idea, but me thinking it's a bad idea literally does nothing. our moral opinions about personal responsibility are as effective at controlling the pandemic as like....doing jumping jacks
and if ur my friend and u engage in these actions i'll probably tell you you're being stupid and try to convince you to stop! but it's like trying to end worldwide drug use by telling someone to stop using drugs. it just....doesnt matter!!
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