alright here we go, these are the most iconic British TV moments of 2020
1. When Zara McDermott told Sam Thompson HE CAN
2. When this entire Simpsons dance routine on Strictly Come Dancing summed up how deranged we all felt this year
3. When @maitlis got Hull confused with hell (easy mistake to make tbf)
4. When this very chaotic Come Dine With Me contestant made "stir loan steak"
5. When this Mastermind contestant had no clue who Greta Thunberg was
6. When Nigella Lawson was so posh she really said mîcrowàvé
7. When Love Island's Ched tried speaking to Jess in modern day Shakespearian
8. When this BBC presenter said she'd seen lots of doggers this morning
9. When @AlisonHammond made the most Alison Hammond return to the This Morning studio after 15 long weeks off
10. Quite possibly the worst acting ever on Emmerdale
11. When John Torode's kitchen nearly set on fire
12. When this presenter added a little ✨ spice ✨ to the BBC News theme tune
13. When this Tipping Point contestant clearly HATED his prize
14. When someone forgot to collect their NSFW grandma from This Morning
15. Grandmaster Wang. That is all.
16. When something possessed these Chase contestants to sing Nelly and Kelly's "Dilemma" on live television
17. When Rita Ora teamed up with EE to make the most cursed advert of 2020
18. When Alan Johnson's unmasking on The Masked Singer felt like a complete fever dream
19. When Love Island's Jordan got absolutely VIOLATED on this mock dating show

20. When Demi completely stacked it on Love Island
21. When Joe Sugg dramatically fainted on Bake Off after cutting his finger loooool
22. When Matt Hancock tried to cry but couldn't because he is a robot
23. When Jordan North kept trying to visualise Turf Moor as his happy place just to get through this I'm A Celeb challenge
24. When Bake Off contestants had to make celebrity busts and came out with these cursed showstoppers
25. When a contestant on the Hit List completely savaged another contestant for no reason looool
26. When Joe Gibson took on the world's fastest zipline on This Morning and couldn't stop screaming the entire time
27. When an old man was trapped inside this little boy's body
28. When this American reporter interviewed Martin Kenyon, the poshest old man in Britain hahaha
29. When Brian on Naked Attraction had to walk off after seeing some naked women (this entire show deserves its own thread)
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