If you actually listen to people you learn that the hesitancy is about taking a vaccine developed in record time by a white supremacist president in a country largely considered to have the worst health care system in the world that regularly kills POC. It's not unreasonable! https://twitter.com/erinbiba/status/1337925084900708354
If we, as public health communicators, want to win hearts and minds and convince people that they will be safe accepting this vaccine and that, despite its speed, corners were not cut and they are better off taking it then not taking it, we have to first understand this context!!
And! To be honest in a situation like this, everyone is a public health communicator. Because a lot of times you, who are not trained in communication and just an average Joe, will be talking family and friends out of their hesitancy. These lessons and techniques are for you too!
If you approach people first with compassion and willingness to listen they will be much more open to actually hearing you.
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