If you follow me, I’m assuming you care deeply about racial equity and antiracism in health care and beyond. I need you to read and amplify this thread about what happened to Dr. @ayshakhoury who was suspended from her job at @KPMedSchool for speaking truth to power about racism. https://twitter.com/ayshakhoury/status/1337109003617202176
Academic institutions, like @KPMedSchool cannot purport to support priorities like antiracism, and then try to silence their Black faculty, like Dr. @ayshakhoury, when we speak truthfully about racism and bias in medicine and how it affects us, our work and our patients.
Dr. @ayshakhoury has been suspended indefinitely after giving a lecture on racism/bias in healthcare. How does this make any sense, Dean @drmarkschuster? The most offensive part is that this medical school was renamed last year after the Kaiser Permanente CEO, Bernard Tyson.
He was the first Black CEO of Kaiser Permanente and was committed to racial equity, antiracism, and closing the gap in racial health inequities. @KPMedSchool, you are committing significant harm. To many medical students, Dr. @ayshakhoury is their first Black instructor.
This is unacceptable. Dr. @ayshakhoury would like to care for her patients and teach her students and instead she has been suspended for truth-telling. Please rectify this situation ASAP.
#Attention regarding the suspension of Dr. @ayshakhoury :

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