There are many scientific reasons behind peircing of ears, nose, wearing jewellery etc.
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1. One of the spritual reason is, Ketu represent Lord Ganesha, Lord Ganesha is know for big ears, intellegence, good luck, Ketu represent ears also & Jupiter is Gold.When Guru meets disciple it makes a great combination spritually.
2.Its trend now to wear earings, they may get health benifits but not spritual,why?
Wearing Silver,Ketu/ear moon it's not so good combination,however 4 personaly health it's good but it forms eclipse which may harm Mother'sHealth. Gold/Jupiter nd ears/ketu is d Best combination.
3.Artificial jewellery is mostly worn now a days, no doubt the Rahu gets pacify with artifical jewellery & if someone wears diamond, the clean VVS quality with more carat, this may create problem in marital status (women's, no problem they can make use of diamonds due to..
4.their diffrent roles as a girl, wife, mother however it should also be as per their birth chart)
Similarly Nose represents Mercury & so peircing nose give good results if the mercury is afficted. For Male natives also peircing is done for mercury however it depends...
5.either right of left side based on planetry postion in the chart.
These all remedies were performed in childhood days as a part of Samskara in Sanatan dharma, after performing these, many or all small bad effects used to get solved via vedic rules since childhood itself.
6. Now we do not follow the vedic trend but we follow every corruption version of our old vedic trend which comes apart from sanatan dharma & so we run behind astrologers, doctors, etc for diffrent solution when in problem.
Credit:- Dhaval Parmar.
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