This has shattered me. So many reached out but it proved too late, a whole life and its memories lost and a family broken. Check up on people, and once you’ve done that check again. I can’t begin to imagine the dark place he must have found himself in. @samaritans : 116123
COVID isn’t the only invisible battle to fight. I’m going to thread some more contacts for awareness, only needs to help one person:
Papyrus for people under 35
Call 0800 068 41 41
Text 07860 039967
YoungMinds crisis messenger
Text YM to 85258
Mind 0300 123 3393
The Mix for young people 0808 808 4994
Maytree is a residential respite centre for those feeling suicidal. They can offer a short, one-off stay where further support such counselling, financial advice or finding a safe place is discussed. 020 7263 7070 (NOT crisis intervention)
111 provides urgent mental health advice out of hours
AssistLine is confidential, 24/7 and ran by trained volunteers from  Suicide Prevention Bristol 0800 689 5652  a site to support men suffering from depression and/or suicidal thoughts
Kooth provide an online message/chat service and free online support and a sense of community. You need to sign up to their services so also not crisis intervention 
Qwell provide online counselling for adults (also sign up) 
Last bits of advice (from @WhyTalkingFixes)
Apps include: Stay Alive pocket suicide prevention app ( )
Clear Fear helps to control the release of emotions ( )
Mindshift helps take charge of anxiety (
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