Our 7 year old son has to have google for homeschooling so naturally we setup parental controls but look what @Google did. They sent my son an email to tell him his privacy is important to them and telling him we’re supervising his account. Let me explain what they’re doing.
It seems clear to me that they’re trying to undermine parents by reminding kids to be sneaky if they’re doing something wrong. In my view they do this to build a relationship of trust with kids that supersedes parents in order to get a lifelong user. Going live to discuss!
My wife @imatriarch and I discussed what Google did and what the future could look like if we don’t stop these Big Tech tyrants in their tracks NOW! https://twitter.com/robbystarbuck/status/1337123072525012992
I want to clarify that our son knew he had parental controls on his account. Google creeped him by emailing him and like the smart boy we raised him to be, he told us. Even if he didn’t know though — the bottom line: Google has NO place contacting kids separately from parents!
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