Space manufacturing is a killer app of low cost access to space. Microgravity facilitates the manufacture of a diverse array of very economically valuable products.

Pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, fibre optics, carbon nanotubes & 3D printed organs.
Pharmaceutical research, development and production would benefit from better protein crystallization for structure-based drug development; high quality protein assembly; better production of amorphous therapeutic compounds.

Pharma companies have partnered with ISS for research.
Semiconductors: Ultra vacuum of space facilitates thin film manufacture.
Wakeshield project manufactured thin film semiconductors 10,000x better than earth made.

Upcoming experiment:

Latest gen silicon wafers cost > $130K/kg.
Fibre optics: ZBLAN has a theoretical attenuation 2 OOM > silica fibre optics:

It could reduce by 15x the # of required repeaters. Deployed on the trans atlantic cable, would save $100M.

Gravity renders earth manufactured ZBLAN unperformant.
Cost of access to space has fallen over time. Starship intends to drop the $/kg cost to under 1% of current levels (Musk has a target of "~$10/kg".
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