Some more thoughts on this since a question arises why is Pakistan so poor at countering Indian influence ops?

1. First, let's make it clear that Pak also engages in low level influence ops against India in the West. We may even see a similar report on that in near future.
2. Pakistan is terrible at countering Indian influence ops largely because it has almost zero civilian contribution in this area. Mostly because the state security apparatus doesn't trust civilians. So the state apparatus can only do so much with limited budget.
3. Pakistan has no such thing as credible OSINT, natsec experts or defense forums. What Pakistan has in abundance are (often unpaid) civilian propagandists who sell third rate propaganda, and you have social media troll farms.
For example, Pakistan doesn't have a single credible online defense forum. Pakistani OSINT accounts are most of the time doing everything other than OSINT. There are no civilian natsec experts either who have credibility outside of Pakistan.
4. One of the main problems is also Pakistan's state narrative, i.e., the narrative that the Pakistani state tries to promote. The narrative is so twisted and so full of holes that it has very very few buyers in civilized countries.
So for example, when Pakistani PM says that Pak has more free speech than the West, it is met with laughter in the West. Opposed to it are Indian influence operatives claiming that there is zero free speech in Pakistan. Which would you rather believe?
Obviously, Indian narrative is more closer to reality than what Pakistani PM is telling us. That is, while there is certainly NOT zero free speech in Pakistan, people (dissidents, journalists, military critics) do get harassed, detained, tortured & killed all the time in Pakistan
5. In order to counter Indian disinformation, Pakistan needs more input from its civilian sector as well as a new state narrative which is closer to reality. Until that happens, Indian narrative will have the upper hand in the war of narratives in the West.
6. Will Pakistan learn anything from this report? Not really. States like Pakistan rarely ever learn. This report will likely be used by Pakistani state to establish its case against domestic political and activist opposition, who are routinely accused of being Indian agents.
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