Symbolism Comms Thread: Humpback Whale

Let's start with an example.

01/27/2016 Dead humpback whale washes up on North Carolina coast

"a baby humpback between 1 and 2 years old"

"More biologist on scene. Something's about to happen." https://nypost.com/2016/01/27/dead-humpback-whale-washes-up-on-north-carolina-coast/
3 days before dead humpback whale.

01/24/2016 Vanity Fair: "Hillary Clinton sees the nomination pawed by an interloper, like a priceless vase grabbed by a panda. She’d prefer to shoot the panda"

Panda = Seth Rich?

So what then is Humpback Whale?
Panda is the specific comm Seth Rich used (likely to fly under the radar of Obama as a China affiliate)

Humpback Whale is a more standardized comm for the entire op surrounding Seth Rich.
Meaning "dead humpback whale" was a red alert to agents.
Note the tweet NYP did directly after the Dead Humpback Whale.

Sequence comms.

Anthony Weiner on giving access: "Obviously, I know how the story ends"
Inevitable conclusion of what happens next?
Rich and supporters didn't die until July
the reason is the code name was public, but nothing else. (Patriots had to be careful they didn't know more)

It wasn't until the final hack they isolated the culprit.

Latest dates of Rich e-mails? Late March
And after that they had to set up how it would be done. https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1248936197902053377 luring to a "Lose" bar.

This works for a timeline, but leaves the obvious question of why is Humpback Whale a comm for an op like this?

Let's get into that. (and more examples)
I already solved "Dolphins" comms as computer users. (Clicking sounds) https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1327337668078833664 Much like submarines that go underwater to avoid being seen, part of this comm (And Whale) implies a level of secrecy to identity and location.

So, what makes a Humpback unique?
According to Nat Geo Humpback Whales are most known for their "Magical songs" that travel vast distances.
"Magical song" As in words so explosive it can wipe away whatever the current MSM narrative/spell is and forge a new one.
I found that "Nude" Dead humpback at Sandy Hook story reported all the way from the 13th to the 17th.

Kind of strange for a small story?

Unless it isn't.

the El Paso massacre was just a week before it. https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1196749507037261824 Where they planning another "Sandy Hook"?

March 2016 is the newest one, but the final Thumb DRIVE pull day was May 26th. https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1336981353447899137 Bill Binney's filing.

A week after this we had a Hanx Comm with a horse printed Circus. "DRIVE too fast, you'll get a ticket"
MKUltra is how they make monsters that can do things like that, but I do not think most are aware of what goes on there.
Remember, it's all compartmentalized. Horrors are hidden to prevent fallout.
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