Could the public health establishment be handling the vaccine rollout any worse?

What they should be saying:

1) This is an incredible scientific advance. We are reviewing the data carefully. But we expect it will likely make a huge difference and help give us back our lives...
2) We are not going to mandate or quasi-mandate that ANYONE get it. This will be a personal choice for adults, as the flu vaccine is.

3) If you're at high risk - basically over 75 or with severe comorbidities - you are at the front of the line. PLEASE get it...
4) Other adults can choose for themselves and their kids. However, we hope as you learn more about it, you will decide the vaccine makes sense for you.

5) Respected non-political leaders - @elonmusk would be a great choice - have looked at data and bought in (if they have)...

Fuck you, you're taking this thing, like it or not, on our schedule and with our rules, and by the way nothing's going to change after you do.

Meantime we're going to amp the pressure with new lockdowns.

Could they be any stupider?
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