Two and a half years ago  was 10 people in a basement with hardly any clients, yet, determined to help millions.

It was only my first week, but I knew exactly how: PEOPLE

Today, we’ve built the best coaching team in the world.

So, how’d we do it?

1/ With a lifetime in elite sport, culture, I’d always been told, was everything. Still, finishing both 1st and last, I learned firsthand people are your culture.

Undeterred by the fact nobody even knew we existed, I began writing the values that would define ‘how’ WE WILL win.
2/ Why values?

Because, culture, while it may sound nice, is subject to change at any moment.

Winning heals all wounds, but what if you’re not yet winning?

People, and the values they live by, are the very crusaders who fight to GROW a ‘culture’ befitting of champions.
3/ Powerful words and mantras are so easily thrown around when we discuss teams and culture.

It all feels good, yet without personal meaning attached these words often fall short and ring hollow.

Values on the other hand drive the decisions each of us make when adversity hits.
4/ Easy enough - surely there’s a one-size-fits-all set of values that determine success across any endeavor.

Then again, if @RobertIger and @elonmusk have taught us anything, it depends upon the quest.

So, what then, would be the values to achieve our mission - and every hire?
5/ Client First: It’s not about me, it’s about helping them.

Quite simply, we’re trying to help the 80% of our population who is not active enough, or at all. Nothing else has worked.

For us to win, we can’t have egos and individual agendas.

Help others - that’s it.
6/ Be Relentless: Do whatever it takes to win. Work until...

Working to the point others would judge as obsessed or crazy may not be normal, however it is a necessary component in achieving world class results.

Anything less will produce mediocrity, at best.
7/ Positive Vibes Only: Don’t kill my vibe.

Not being fake, simply maintaining an awareness over what you say and how you say it.

Every one of us will have our days, or weeks even, where we’re frustrated and upset.

Still, our collective majority must ALWAYS remain positive.
8/ Be a Giver, Not a Taker: Do for others without expecting anything in return.

There are 3 types of people; givers, takers, & matchers.

Givers do whatever they can, whenever they can, because they can, to help others. It’s that simple.

Instead of credit, we must win together.
9/ Yes, And: Never “no, but”.

Stealing from improv; in order to arrive at the best ideas, we need to be open to the potentially awful or crazy ones.

Doing so creates an environment where everyone is given a platform and made to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas.
10/ Simple, yet powerful, these five values define our team.

Not because we talk about them, because we ARE about them.

We screen for them meticulously. When we find coaches who embody them, we recruit passionately.

And for those reasons, WE WILL win...
11/ So that’s how we built the best coaching team in the world.

Of course champions in sport and business, though uncommon, are formed in many ways.

For me, ‘Legacy’ by James Kerr has been a tremendous resource to find a winning formula.
12/ I’ve been sharing a bunch of the lessons I’ve learned on my journey from the @chicagobulls & @BoilerBall, to Silicon Valley.

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