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1. Who is implementing the “Great Reset” in Ireland 🇮🇪 in 2021? (Part 3)🧵 1/21 (Part 1 & 2 below)
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2. Morning All. In Part 1&2 I spoke about who is going to be running the show next year from an advertising point of view in Ireland for the Great Reset and the WEF. The brains behind this or should I say the anointed ones chosen by KS (Blofeld) are ThinkHouse based in Dublin.
3. A whitepaper was created to be read by all the advertising agencies. There was also a brief for them to showcase potential advertising campaigns which is probably underway as it was due to happen in November. A quick aside first as there was so much interest in the food area
4. From Part 2s post I later added a link to @fleroy1974 work which some may have missed. He covers the work of the WEF and its impact on food supply with 🥩 practically being eliminated. Also a shout out to @Vhtempopro for his insightful comments on my🧵 https://twitter.com/fleroy1974/status/1323260451560501250
5. Now on to the video. Keep your eyes peeled though later on in the thread as Ireland's national broadcaster is very much part of Ireland's Great Reset. The govts propaganda machine is in on it. Good spot by @flattenthelies for noticing this as well 👍
6. ThinkHouse led by Laura Costello (centre top) working with Purpose Disruptors from the UK held a Zoom call on September 10th where 150 Irish marketers came online to launch The Great Reset Ireland. This was all facilitated by IAPI the Institute Of Advertising Practitioners.
7. How they describe themselves “The Great Reset Ireland Team, led and inspired by Purpose Disruptors UK, is a group of Irish-based marketing, communications and advertising professionals who believe that this moment presents us with an opportunity....
8. ...to reset, together, on a grand scale in the name of people and planet. We believe that to return to business as usual now is to reject an open opportunity for our industry to fight the climate crisis"
10. The call was primarily about climate change and here are some of the soundbites to save you having to slit your wrists 🙃
“We can make a difference to the future of life on earth bound by the common cause of climate change”
11. This was my favourite “We are quite terrified of what’s coming down the track ? We know something isn’t right” Yep, you ought to be terrified as 99% of the people on the call have no idea what the WEF have planned for them and for future generations!!
12. Here’s another peach of a quote “We are bound by a common cause of climate change and have a love of clean air, trees, oceans, and mountains”
13. I mean I like all those as well but seriously. WTF ? Maybe I’m just not enough of a tree hugger. Others on the call openly admitted to crying on previous calls. This is just killing me 🤪 Anyway I digress. Sorry for the rant. Back on point now 👇
14. WEF & GR buzzwords such as sustainability, community, extinction rebellion, carbon footprint and environment were constantly plugged. It almost seemed like a type of brainwashing was taking place.
15. Stats were thrown out such as 78% of Irish people agree with the statement “The CV pandemic has positioned business for a great reset that puts people and the planets needs first”
16. Another one was “47% said they needed to put the planet first and only 16% the economy first” I’m not quite sure who they surveyed but it sounds a bit like an echo chamber to me.
17. One very interesting point to come out of the call was how the advertising agencies try to influence their clients and brands. They basically admitted that they try to integrate and push sustainability when doing the advertising campaigns. Expect to see more of that in 2021
18. Finally there was breakout sessions towards the end where smaller groups discussed 2 questions

1) Why were you inspired to come here today?
2) How would you like the great reset to move forward?
19. At the end of the call the final nail in the coffin was “Every movement starts this way just like Black Lives Matter did”. I expect more than half on the call were very heavily involved in the climate protests in 2019 (thanks Greta) and the BLM marches this year in Dublin
20. The blog post from Nov 3rd on IAPI said the following 👇 Note RTE’s involvement as well. As I said before these guys are very well mobilised and deeply wedded to their cause without realising the bigger picture.
21. Tomorrow I’m going to have a look 👀 at some of the marketing material Purpose Disruptors put together for Irish use. I joke not when I say some of it is pretty frightening. You really do begin to wonder what goes on in these people’s heads who are creating these campaigns.
22. Screen grab of RTE referring to 20
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