Another tour de force from @theCCCuk on the 6th carbon budget. ( Since I'm focused on food these days, here's a few thoughts on what a zero carbon food system might look like: (1/6)
Diet is the big driver of emissions - it's easy to get distracted by the detail of different agriculture systems, but what we choose to eat, and what is marketed and sold to us as eaters, is the biggest factor by far. (2/6)
The pie chart underplays it: diet change makes space for other land use: certainly trees (possibly peat/energy crops - @Mike_Thommo?). This bar chart, dug from the depths of the methodology doc makes it clearer. (3/6)
This feels scary: no politician wants to dictate what we eat. Especially about meat. But I've spoken to hundreds of people in the NFS's public dialogues: they are up for change - more so when they learn that a low carbon diet is a healthier one. (4/6)
And technology is moving fast: one lab meat technologist I spoke to called it 'domestication 2.0' and said farmers will raise heritage breeds alongside cultivated meat - run a bit like a microbrewery - at radically lower land, carbon, and nature cost. No hair shirt required!(5/6)
Rather than afraid, I'm optimistic about net zero diets. The sector feels like the power sector did in 2008: ripe for rapid transition, with opportunity at local as well as global scale. Much, much more to come next year in the NFS! (6/6)
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