What does climbing Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world symbolize?

06/02/1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
06/02/1953 Announcement of Hillary Edmund conquering tallest mountain in world

https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1334353145808482311 Top of the world control?
Back then that would be the top of the world, have to remember just how much they control.

These days few would argue the U.S. Gov is the "top"

It likely now means U.S. gov control. Perhaps this is why HRC stated she was named after that climber? https://twitter.com/PoliticallyRYT/status/935674300144680961
08/16/2016 Hillary Step now a ramp?
"A major issue on Everest has been congestion" “It will now be easier for climbers.”
They never thought she would lose.

DNC primary rigged to remove all challengers but Bernie for HRC/ Votes supposed to be rigged.
Late last month.

11/22/2020 Morris, the ‘all well’ Everest reporter, dead

“I had to get it through to London. The excitement of it. The romance of it. The Queen was going to be crowned. Can you imagine it all?” https://telegraphindia.com/world/morris-the-all-well-everest-reporter-dead/cid/1798188
"Well" comms https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1327099458182496256 I cover a few of them.

It's about the Dominion voter system rigged to use an error that exploits ll instead of li to delete Trump votes.

Death of "All well" Everest reporter a signal not to talk about the fraud?
Now to return to the start.

What is this comm about with China changing its mind on the height of Mount Everest?
Think about it.

Since getting to the top of Everest symbolizes finishing the POTUS race, what then is a long dispute over the "Height"?
That'd be the vote count!
https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1335245716999053313 note NYpost surrounding posts on their own Everest posts.

Both about winning, Everest and Late game win are both 9 words.
Specifically it's a late from New Jersey over the New York Syracuse.

New York = Y comms origin. (long story) https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1335121523099787264 So New Jersey beating the "Y" late game. Comms of new recruits.
In the other tweet NYP did on this one all 3 are 9 words.

With Vaccine comms (flipping comms)- specifically DETAILED -as in the correct data. Voting again
And one about John Lennon's murderer, giving facts instead of previous articles speculation
That's not to say he wasn't a victim
https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1334352812172566528 it's a rabbit hole to be sure.
Tho to get fame of course they have to be controlled - it's only when they flip away from it that the danger begins. https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1243732148328120323 The last thing Lennon did was get a "haircut" - string cut.

He had made arrangements to go public after a long time out of spotlight
https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1336572899755393024 comms on how "stars" are made and owned. Russia being the largest player early on.
Surrounding articles of the WH Tennis Pavilion opening.

"Underwater roundabout set to open beneath Atlantic Ocean"
"Dramatic moment bridge snaps plunging 30 Miss Thailand contestants into dirty pond"

Support snaps, plunging candidates into dirt?
"well" comms as in the method of election fraud covered above using i/l errors
"Singing" as in confession about it.
i/l error comms are covered more thourougly in this thread
https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1333360039734743041 - seems to be the primary thing to be exposed in the coming weeks for the overturn.
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