Media must learn to stop the snark when communicating. Listening to @NPR there is strange condescension instead of information, particularly with vaccine - RNA delivery is a brand new platform, and addressing concerns instead of minimizing them is the correct approach.
The way to combat misinfo is with info. There are many vaccines many adults don't get -BCG,hpv/vzv, smallpox,etc. Other vax are absolutely essential to maintain a healthy population. Do not play into culture wars or equate continued scientific observation with antivax. #COVID19
Perhaps I am pleading for too much nuance, but several media experts have been terrible - we don't lump 'vaccines' as doctors in a monolith. You don't want a TB vaccine unless needed! AZ vs moderna vs pfizer vaccines performance should be closely monitored. #COVID19
Small deltas of toxicity may make large differences when given to millions of healthy ppl. Healthy people without large risk (e.g. children) may not have indication - we have to find out. Don't directly compare to polio-its almost the 'opposite' in risk profile #COVID19
and the vaccines are markedly different technology, and obviously there was a learning process w/polio (salk vs sabin.) Scientists are critical thinkers and change views with new information if required, we can't become wedded to a particular tech., or concept. @leorahorwitzmd
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