1/ Been saying this for a while, but I’m going to say it again. Do not indoor dine right now. Order takeout. Tip restaurants. Support businesses. But I would not be dining indoors. Last night, there were no ICU beds left at a hospital where I work in Boston. #COVID19
2/ Policies reflect many things— but they don’t always reflect what is safest from a health perspective. With exponentially rising cases, hospitalizations & deaths, high risk activities are high risk. Just because something is open doesn’t mean it is “safe”. #covid19
3/ Is this recommendation I am making fair to restaurants/ staff? What’s actually most unfair to them is that they are forced to remain open & send workers in high risk settings bc they aren’t receiving enough $ protections in a runaway pandemic.

4/ Don’t let anyone tell you this is abt “economy v virus”
Wealthy powerful people are the last people that are going to be doing the high risk activities that they are saying are safe for everyone else. Listen to health experts- listen to doctors who have no beds left. #covid19
5/ What do hospitals do when they have no ICU beds? Great question. They either have to start diverting sick patients elsewhere or they have to start moving slightly less sick ICU patients back to general med floors to make space. Either way, system breaks down quickly #covid19
6/ The other key pt to rmr— while I stated restaurants here— private social gatherings at your home w/ people outside your family bubble introduces new risk as well.

This isn’t just restaurants- it’s any place you have your mask off around multiple others. #covid19
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