This V day- here are the answers to some questions I keep getting asked. I’m a son, a dad and a doctor.
Q1 Will you get vaccinated? If I get called to have any Covid19 vaccine approved by MHRA I will say yes.
Q2 Are you going to tell your mum to get vaccinated? My mum is 86 with COPD. She has been at home practically full time since March. I will be advising mum to get vaccinated and then stay home for a little while longer.
Q3 Should kids get vaccinated? The risk to kids is very small and, unlike for flu, they don’t seem to be big spreaders of Covid19. At the moment I am comfortable with my kids not being offered a vaccine.
Q4 What are you doing for Christmas? I will not be visiting older relatives and will bubble with one other family- all under 50. December is not a good time to be mixing households.
Q5 When will things be back to normal? I really hope that things will be better by Easter but we are a long way off being able to act like we did this time last year. We may need to learn to live with Covid19.
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