And after months of misinformation and wild conspiracies, much of which originated from President Trump, our country finds itself in the middle of yet another #COVID19 spike with frustrations and fatigue running high.
Now more than ever, we must agree on the facts. #COVID19 is real & it has killed over 280,000 Americans. While our focus is keeping schools open for learning, experts like Dr. Fauci have clearly stated that mitigation strategies & reduced community spread are necessary to do so.
I encourage our community members to lead with empathy so that we can make it through the rest of this pandemic. It is never acceptable to harass or intimidate others with whom you disagree.
We are fortunate to live in a democracy where we can make our voices heard at the ballot box, not with threats and intimidation. I urge every Arizonan to play their part in suppressing the virus so that schools can operate safely.
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