I love drugs! I wish everyone had more access to all kinds of them! I think they’re by and large good for you! I think antidepressants, adderall, ketamine and cocaine all belong in the same class of substance: drug! Which means they all can be good for you or bad for you!
I wish we stopped putting a false binary on drugs vs medication! I wish people saw self medication as legitimate! I wish that structures enabled people to experiment with which drugs are best for them while reducing their possible harm, whether that drug is an opiate or an SSRI!
I’m not anti antidepressant! I’m anti considering pharmacological medications somehow different than any other mind altering substance!
I am dependent on kratom and nicotine and while not dependent on ketamine It definitely has helped me as have other illegal drugs. I used to be dependent on SSRIs and Adderall. For me kratom and K and other illegal drugs have been more effective than the prescription ones.
we think of SSRIS and stimulants like adderall as medication cuz it takes away the stigma. Well, they are drugs. If you take them, you are dependent on a drug and you’re no different than someone dependent on an illegal drug, expect in how much or little you are criminalized.
Which doesn’t make them bad! It just makes them drugs! and drugs are often good! And being dependent on them is often necessary!
Idk why I wrote all this like this! Who knows!
Btw cocaine was considered an extremely effective anti depressant back in the day. And it still could be if it wasn’t laced with terrible stuff and people were allowed to get on treatment plans with if that managed its addictive potential.
The drug, any drug, is not the problem. The structure around the drug is the problem. (!)
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